In Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Bring Production of Our Meds Back From China to the U.S.!

Our problem is that China makes the key components in most of our meds: “[T]he key components in 90 percent of the prescription and over-the-counter meds Americans take are sourced from a country that our Department of Defense considers a major adversary [China].” (Click on the graphic for the source of this quote.)

And now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, China is threatening to cut off our supply of meds made by them. For example, here’s what a government-run media agency in China has recently said about this situation: “If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States. Then the United States will be caught in the mighty sea of coronavirus….” (Source.)

So, here’s the deal. In recent years a handful of Americans have pointed out how dangerous it is for our nation to depend on China for the majority of our key pharmaceuticals. But very few Americans were listening to them. Now that we’re in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, more and more Americans are realizing that we must bring production of our medicines back to the U.S. from China and the other nations that make the vast majority of our prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

This is a bipartisan issue with both Republicans and Democrats introducing and cosponsoring many pieces of legislation in Congress with the goal of ending our dependence on China for our medicines. Here’s a list of bills (with links to the full text) that have been introduced in recent months that you should urge your representative and senators to support: H.R. 4710 (“Pharmaceutical Independence Long-Term Readiness Reform Act”); H.R. 6049/S. 3343 (“Medical Supply Chain Security Act”); S. 2723 (“Mitigating Emergency Drug Shortages Act”); H.R. 5927 (“Safe Medicine Act”); and H.R. 5982 (“Safe Medicine Act”).

This is truly an existential threat to our nation, a matter of life and death for our fellow Americans, our family and friends, and ourselves! We must rally others in our sphere of influence to contact President Trump in support of his efforts to bring production of our meds back from China to the U.S. and to urge our U.S. representative and U.S. senators to support legislation to do likewise.

Scroll down or to the left of your screen to email, phone, tweet, and video message President Trump and your U.S. representative and senators to urge them to work toward bringing production of our medicines back from China to the U.S. by supporting H.R. 4710, H.R. 6049/S. 3343, S. 2723, H.R. 5927, and H.R. 5982.

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Bring Back Our Meds from China

In Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Bring Production of Our Meds Back From China to the U.S.!