On Saturday, September 17, our country celebrates its 224th birthday — Constitution Day.

JBS is a proud cosponsor of LPAC 2011 in Reno on Sept. 15-17.

In September JBS affiliate FreedomProject Education will launch its online "21st Century Classical Education" for grades 9-12.

In his July 27th column, Clarence Page mentioned The John Birch Society right alongside the Ku Klux Klan. This is a very unjust type of smear. By merely mentioning the KKK with the Society, many readers will conclude that the two organizations are similar. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Keith Dunn from The John Birch Society explores the root problem of our wayward government and discusses a viable solution for restoring our Constitutional Republic.

The John Birch Society Chief Executive Officer Art Thompson reveals the intentions, networks, major players in the Triangle of Terror.

Attending a Council Dinner is always invigorating. Staff, members, and guests spend time networking, talking about new opportunities, what works, and what doesn't. The Council Dinner held in Bozeman, MT, over the weekend was no exception. This was the first time JBS held the dinner in Montana and the outpouring of support couldn’t have been better.

On Friday June 10, at 6:00 PM, Think Progress’s Lee Fang posted an article calling The John Birch Society a hate group in response to a recent article posted on The New American website.

Excerpt from this article: "The story of the U.S. government’s war against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his revolutionary cancer treatment is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. It’s a perfect example of government gone completely wild — and a figurative struggle between a little David and an out-of-control Goliath."

altOn this Veterans Day here's a 2.5-minute video "Salute To Our Troops" from FreedomProject.

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