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Can the Government Solve Our Problems? Keyport, NJ
Wednesday 14 September 2016, 07:00pm

Please join us for Can the Government Solve Our Problems? Many Americans think the government can solve most of their problems, but they forget that, as Arthur Thompson, JBS's CEO, says in American Tyranny Step By Step; Saving Our Republic, "the more power the government accumulates, the less accountable it is to the people it is supposed to serve." 

History has certainly proven this maxim to be true. In American Tyranny Step By Step; Saving Our Republic, Mr. Thompson offers a short history course in how tyrants have acquired power by promising "hope and change," such as Adolf Hitler, Vlandimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, and others, then use false flag operations, national police and secret police to rise to and expand their power. He cites current tyrannical initiative in the United States that follow the same pattern, such as the PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security, the War on Terror, socialized medicine, denial of due process, proaganda, and other unconstitutional power grabs - much of it in the name of "security" -and he discusses what we can do to stop them. 

The John Birch Society invites you to a screening of this video so you can help raise awareness in your community about the increasing centralization of power by the American federal government and how to stop it. 

Location Town & Country Restaurant 48 State Route 35 Keyport, NJ
Contact Kip Webster (973) 934-1775 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sponsored by the Holmdel Chapter of The John Birch Society.

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