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Do you know The Roots of Liberty? Sussex, NJ
Tuesday 01 November 2016, 07:00pm


Join us for part II of the JBS video presentation: "Do you know The Roots of Liberty?" 

KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host, presents her seminar on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and The Roots of Liberty. She takes the audience through 700+ years and 5 foundational documents that laid the foundations of American liberty. She also presents each of the first ten amendments, which comprise our Bill of Rights, in their historical context. 

Did you know...that the fate of the Constitution rested on a mere handshake? Do you know...what the purpose is of the 2nd Amendment and who are the militia? What power does the general welfare clause give to the federal government? What did the Framers say about state sovereignty? 

You will be astounded at the historical parallels to what is transpiring in America today. The timeless wisdom of our founders must be delivered to our countrymen and to our children if we wish to see the lamp of Liberty continue to shine in America. 

KrisAnne's website is


Location Sussex Queen Diner 289 Route 23 Sussex, NJ 07461
Contact Kip Webster (973) 934-1775
Admission: Menu Purchase
Sponsored by the Sussex Chapter of The John Birch Society

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