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Electoral College / Alex Newman update on NWO Sicklerville, NJ
Tuesday 13 November 2018, 07:00pm - 09:00pm

Electoral College / Alex Newman update on New World Order

While the globalist attack our Constitution from yet another angle focusing on the electoral process to move us from a Republic, to a Democracy by attempting to abolish the electoral college, most American's would be at a loss to explain why the electoral college is important.

With the midterm elections being held this month, we will address this important issue which is back in the crosshairs of the far-left.

We will also hear an update on the state of things by those pushing for a New World Order, by Alex Newman, foreign correspondent for The New American magazine.

The Electoral College, as established in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, determines the winner of the presidential election when electors cast their votes for president and vice-president at their respective state Capitols based upon their state’s election results. The John Birch Society fully supports the Electoral College because it safeguards the rights of the states by guaranteeing that each state’s allotment of electors is equal to the sum of its senators and representatives. This weighting of each state’s influence on presidential elections based on both its constitutional status as a state and its population is key to ensuring that the United States remains a constitutional republic and not a democracy.

Location: Winslow Family Restaurant

491 Williamstown Rd. Sicklerville, NJ


Location Winslow Family Restaurant 491 Williamstown Rd. Sicklerville, NJ

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