Live COS Application Not Targeted by COS

COS Article V Convention Status

Advocates of holding a Convention of States (COS)-type Article V convention for “proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress” currently have 15 states with “live” applications to Congress. See the red states on the COS Con-Con Status Map. This means 19 more states are still needed to trigger a risky convention.

Residents of the 35 states without a “live” COS-type Con-Con application are urged to stop the passage of any new such applications in their state legislatures.

COS Poses Threat to 2nd Amendment

COS has maintained that “Alterations to the 2nd Amendment cannot be on the table” at a COS-type Article V convention. However, when a COS supporter asked on Facebook why couldn’t the Second Amendment be updated at a COS Article V convention, Convention of States Project answered back that “Clarification Clauses” such as the supporter was referring to are “very much on the agenda” of many COS study groups around the country. So much for the COS assurance that a COS-type Article V convention wouldn’t threaten the Second Amendment!

See the 3-minute video, “Tricked Into Gun Control,” for more details on the COS threat to the 2nd Amendment.

COS Claims Convention “Limited”

The Convention of States (COS) official website poses the question: “Can an Article V Convention be Limited to a Single Subject?

The COS answer to this question is: “Yes. The text, history, and purpose of Article V all point to the ability of the states to limit a convention to the consideration of a single topic or set of topics.”

However, The John Birch Society has maintained since the 1980s that an Article V convention cannot be limited. Click on the video, “An Article V Convention: Can It Be Limited?”, for the reasons why the JBS says Article V conventions have the inherent power to be “runaway” conventions.