Frequently Asked Donation Questions

Your support will help keep America a sovereign nation. Your donation aids us in working to restore America to what our Fore Fathers intended — a Republic. We welcome a variety of donations which can include stocks, bonds, and estates.

Your donation does make a difference! Please call, mail, or send your donation via our website today.

Is my JBS donation tax deductible?

No. We are not a “not for profit” organization. We are not a 501(c)(3) organization. Therefore, there is no available tax deduction.

Is my TNA donation tax deductible?

No, The New American is not a “not for profit” organization. The New American does not hold 501(c)(3) status. Therefore, there is not tax deduction available.

If I want a tax deduction, to which entities can I donate?

Both FreedomProject Academy & Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation hold 501(c)(3) status & provide tax deductibility.

Where is my JBS donation used?

We have various campaigns & special projects and yes, you can designate where you would like your donation to go. Designating your gift for general budget purposes will ensure that it will be used where the need is most urgent.

Where are my TNA, FPA, & LECF donations used?

You can designate that your gifts to The New American be used toward the TNA Appeal, or you can specify that it be used for the general budget.

If you are donating to the FreedomProject Academy, you can indicate that your gift be used for tuition assistance, media, or FreedomProject Academy’s general budget.

All Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation donations are used to provide grants for the families of fallen officers, outreach & training programs, memorials, and updated protective equipment for police officers.

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Donation FAQs

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