F. Ward Rowley 1

F. Ward Rowley

Council Member

F. Ward Rowley was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1932. He is a graduate of Choate School, Dartmouth College, and the Graduate School of Business at Harvard University. Surviving those years of indoctrination is a testimony to Ward’s innate conservatism. He attributes his success in avoiding capture by the liberal Establishment to the many years he spent competing in intercollegiate athletics.

During a widely divergent business career, Ward repeatedly traveled to Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Acquiring considerable expertise in the field of international marketing, he rose to become a vice president for international marketing at Allied Signal, Inc.

During Central America’s turbulence during the 1980s, he provided the Society with sound counsel about the worthiness or unworthiness of some political leaders. In addition, his knowledge of the business world has proven to be an asset to our organization.

He accepted appointment to the JBS Council in 1988. Now retired from business, Ward and his wife, Thelma, spend their winters in Florida and most of the year in and around the hills of New Hampshire in the beautiful community of New London.

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