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Robert Welch's brilliant treatise "The Truth In Time" appeared in the November 1966 JBS Bulletin. In it, he outlined the background of what we now recognize as the Master Conspiracy, sometimes identified by its goal, the New World Order. He wrote:

To make the history of the great conspiracy both clear and convincing, we need a hundred volumes of a thousand pages each. And we hope that those scholarly volumes will all be written in due course, as a guide and a warning to future generations. But at present we have a more immediate and more urgent task. We want to give you simply an outline of the progress of this organized evil force, from its beginning up to the present time.

Note that Robert Welch said that "we need a hundred volumes of a thousand pages each." Yet the tendency is to want something "clear and convincing" about the conspiracy in a pamphlet or a DVD. It is extremely difficult to do this, especially for those who need it the most: the opinion molders.

Another problem is that too many of us tire of referring to the same evidence over and over again in our presentations about the problems and the people behind them. We therefore inject the latest sensational information into our discussions, forgetting that we are talking to new people or those who do not yet have the level of understanding that we have. In the process, we lose them as prospects because their hearing ears are replaced by rolling eyes, and good people become very skeptical of our message.

On the other hand, we find people who believe immediately but still lack enough understanding to think things through. As a result, some adopt conspiracy theories that are simply "off the wall."

There are some aspects of the conspiracy that we don't dwell on without an extensive look at related historical facts. These would not have any bearing on stimulating the hearer to be more active in the solution. And the primary motivation of our communication must be twofold: to expose the conspiracy and at the same time engage the listener in the solution. The latter is the most important.

The conspirators could not care less what you know — if you do nothing about it.

Some audiences are prepared to hear and some are not. When we are dealing with newly interested people we have to understand that most are not ready to learn about Adam Weishaupt but may be ready to learn about David Rockefeller admitting he is a part of a cabal working to establish world government.

When we teach calculus, we do not do so to an Algebra I student. Instead, we teach it to a student who has first taken Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, and Trigonometry. Yet we seem to want to teach "conspiracy calculus" to someone just introduced to the problem.

Since education in American history given even to good Americans was so deficient, Robert Welch rarely discussed the American arm of the conspiracy prior to the late 1800s. For him to have done so would have opened him up to even more criticism than he endured when he addressed current events. He hired a scholar to write the full story from the beginning of our country, but the gentlemen had other tasks that took too much of his time. Ultimately Mr. Welch pulled the project from him and published his unfinished work. It was called, SEVENTEEN EIGHTY NINE, An Unfinished Manuscript which explores the early history of THE COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY. It has been out of print for decades.

The discussion of conspiracy must start with an understanding of the principles on which this country was founded and the important fact that we battle people, not ideas. Then you can start talking about conspiracy.

Permit me to take a lesson from the Bible. It specifically states that prophecy is for the believer, not the world. There is a parallel between revealing prophecy and conspiracy.

Romans 12:6 reads: "Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy, according to the proportion of faith." In other words, provide prophecy based on the level of faith of the person hearing.

II Corinthians 8:12 says: "For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not." In other words, even if a person wants to hear, it does not follow that he is ready for the whole story. And, in the case of our example, knowledge is built on a foundation of principles before the framework of conspiracy is erected over it.

This is very important, because if a person believes the conspiracy exists and studies it, but does not have a firm foundation in the principles upon which this country was founded, he or she generally adopts very extreme views and actions. Such individuals do not fit well within the programs of The John Birch Society. They can even be a hindrance in our efforts to educate and activate opinion molders.

The old admonition to raise a person on milk before meat surely applies when we seek to create understanding about conspiracy.

Yet we see many Christians promote the idea of salvation through the dissemination of prophecy. And we see the secular, even anti-Christian media spending a great deal of time filling their TV channels with all sorts of programs dealing with prophecy. If this were a good strategy, one would expect to see churches and synagogues crammed full every day let alone every week.

Since prophecy is not for the unbeliever, why would we think that it will have a universally beneficial effect in getting everyone to believe? It often has the opposite effect in that it frequently becomes just another piece of mythology offered by the Christians and/or Jews. It is viewed as another pagan myth rather than being seen as the Truth.

And we know that religious information is often distorted, just as we see the story of conspiracy distorted. This is done deliberately and it is the same force presenting both distortions to the public.

Our task of exposing conspiracy becomes much more difficult when the average citizen concludes that part of the story we relate cannot be true, or has been presented in such a manner that it is not convincing.

There are some who criticize The John Birch Society because they believe that we are not talking enough about conspiracy and that we have to put it at the forefront of all our presentations and publications.

As I said, Mr. Welch did not discuss the early American arm of the conspiracy except on rare occasions, and then only in passing. He did mention Andrew Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War, and Thaddeus Stevens, Radical Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 1860s. But while he wanted earlier conspiratorial history known, he knew that it had to be presented based not on the enthusiasm of either the presenter or the hearer, but on the level of understanding of the hearer or reader.

More and more is coming out about portions of the conspiracy at work at the time of the Civil War. Yet these books by and large miss the mark by failing to help the reader see the Master Conspiracy. These are books that present only a snippet of the problem and do not present and connect many historical dots.

In addition, too many of these books are biased according to which side of the Civil War was right. I like to say that if you choose a side in that fight, you lose — you miss the point. It was a tragedy imposed on the American people by conspirators for their purposes using a variety of issues involving slavery, economics, sectionalism, religion, immigration, etc. to divide the people to the point of violence. It was the divide-and-conquer technique, just as we witnessed in the 1960s and '70s with a dividing of people over race, gender, age, sectionalism, attitude about war, economic status, etc. in order to build a massive leftist movement.

The plans in the mid-1800s did not reach the overall goal wanted for a variety of reasons. But the plan to subjugate the American people has continued on in an almost uninterrupted step-by-step process since that moment in history.

It had really begun at the very time our Founders brought this country together. The early plan for America received impetus because of the French Revolution and those who started it. As soon as they could, the French sent agitators here to bring our fledgling country under French Illuminist control. Far too many people that you read about today in your history books as early American heroes were actually agents of this conspiracy. Their agitation generally manifested itself by their opposition to George Washington and John Adams.

Mr. Welch knew, and I have come to understand through my own study, that there is a lack of written history even outlining this problem, let alone detailing it. For those of us who have studied it in depth, it is apparent that there has been a weakness in the ability to understand the problems that America faced then and continue to face today.

In addition, many institutions looked upon as traditionally American were started as subtle ways to dumb us down or set the stage for control later. I mentioned this in what I wrote for the Bulletin last March.

Each of us has to be very careful in even outlining what a careful study reveals, or we will turn our audience off so quickly that we will become useless to the freedom movement.

Insider-produced false heroes, incidents, and even what have become known as American institutions were given to us as part of our heritage as publishing became an early target for control. Our libraries became conduits of false information and perspective, not just to sway the public but also to allow only certain information to survive as history. This has been the case from the beginning even though many see the same forces at work to control our media and publishing today, and think the problem is something new.
None of us wants to lose our heroes, even the false ones. No matter how earnestly a person wants to learn about the conspiracy in depth, most are not ready to hear about the involvement of those they believe are true Americans. They are victims of the history books they studied and even the revisionist history that glorifies people based on rhetoric rather than on performance. This reluctance is even true of longtime members of our Society. It is the same problem we have today when people listen to speeches rather than noticing the actions of the speaker, and they end up allowing some speaker to lead them down a blind alley.

Over time, what was available as history became what the conspiracy wanted the American people to know. While the process was over-simplified in the book 1984, by George Orwell, nonetheless, the "memory hole" he discussed has been a real tool in the arsenal of the conspiracy. Through the plan to eliminate sound historical data, the great heritage of knowledge and understanding that launched our country has been eroded especially by ultimate control of what we call public education which influences even private education more than people realize, especially when it comes to teaching history.

Today we see America losing its newspapers and conservatives saying "Good riddance" to liberal news. But, as newspapers disappear and the Internet takes the place of the vast number of independent papers, magazines, and media conglomerates, those who desire to control totally what the people see and hear are waiting for the opportunity to seize control of the Internet.

Let us not forget that Google and others are corporate members of the Council on Foreign Relations and have a fine working relationship with communist China. And, don't ignore the fact that the federal government regulates all systems of communication even though they may not regulate content — yet.

We have been under some pressure to shout conspiracy every time we open our mouths. Exposing conspiracy is The John Birch Society. But there is a time and place to do it as well as the need to rely on a careful technique that meets with success.

What does not meet with success (and I measure success both by growth of our Society as well as stopping the conspiracy) is disseminating conspiracy tracts or magazines by the hundred of thousands to those who are not ready to accept the message. There will always be exceptions. But that is the point, some recipients are the exceptions.

Mr. Welch published "The Truth In Time" and other related essays with a belief that we could move forward with exposing the conspiracy. This has been done over and over with such titles as The Insiders and The Shadows of Power which document current history, and a variety of books about the Illuminati conspiracy by Robison, Barruel, and others.

But it is not enough, and we have been painfully aware of this. We have had a solution in mind for some time but have not been able to implement it. We need not only to expose conspiracy, but we have to also make sure that we are not disseminating information that is outrageous and lacks documentation. It is difficult enough just telling the truth, since so much of what we say contradicts “conventional wisdom” and even the truth about conspiracy can sound like wild statements to those who have not examined the evidence.

For if we try to tell a story and any part of it is untrue, then the agents and willing aides of the conspiracy in the media can tear us apart over the slightest error and tar-brush the entire movement because of a minute error.

And that is what has been happening within the entire fight against the conspiracy over the past several years. Many good people, and we sincerely believe some-not-so good people, have injected rather questionable claims about the conspiracy that detract from the real story. Thus the conspirators are given ammunition to convince people that they do not exist, that it is all urban myth.

Always remember that the first task of a conspiracy is to convince people that it does not exist.

What better way than to ridicule those who try to expose the conspiracy than by pointing out some errors of opponents!

But expose them we must if we intend to win this war. We must do so in a manner that works. Mr. Welch said that his immediate task was to give simply an outline of the conspiracy when he knew that the task was a daunting one that would take a hundred volumes.

One day when I retire (hopefully that means before I stop breathing!), my desire is to write a book about the first hundred years of our nation's history from the signing of the Declaration to the end of Reconstruction. I would like to show the influence of the conspiracy on America during that time.

Much has been written about the European arm, from beginning to current time, but not the American arm before 1900. There is a reason for this and it has to do with you who are Society members. You are more important than you may realize.

The history of freedom, and the means to achieve it worldwide, rests in the hands of the American people. We are the heirs of the great experiment in liberty given us by men who were great students of history and liberal arts. They put together a system for us to rule ourselves.

Therefore, those who mean to rule us must destroy this system. And this means keeping us ignorant and disorganized as part of the process.

For until they destroy our system, they cannot rule us, and they cannot rule all of mankind because we are in the way. We have set the example that liberty leads not only to the ability to come and go as we please, but it serves as the platform for the advancement of man in science, productivity, and a host of other upward reaches. Of all that many do not understand about Robert Welch, perhaps the most significant was what he meant when he used the term "upward reach."

It is simple. Anyone can discuss the religious aspect of the Fall of Man and all aspects of that Spiritual argument, but no one can deny that man is better off today in many ways than when he had no sewers, no running water, and so forth.

Do we not all want to see our children better off than we have been in a variety of ways, such as education, career, wealth, etc.? Is this not a desire for an upward reach? Have not the great inventors given us a better life? Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and a host of others have made life on this earth just a little bit better than it was when they came on the scene.

The criminals driving the Satanic Conspiracy not only want to deprive men of life, but also the advancements brought on by technology.

If the American dream goes, so will go the fate of mankind. The danger posed to our would-be rulers by the American people is that we can set the example and export freedom to others. We have done so in the past but even this part of history is being suppressed, for our people are now led to believe that freedom should be spread by force of arms.

Knowledge about the history of the conspiracy in America is nearly unknown because if it were known, the American people would be better armed to counter conspiratorial designs. This is why, more than in Europe, the story of conspiratorial influence has been suppressed in these United States.

Our current plans to expose the conspiracy will include posting information online through our website while this tool remains available. We will do this in such a manner that it separates the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. We intend to present what is true, expose what is false, and discern what is not documented well enough to tell one way or the other.

In this way we will separate ourselves from the "off the wall" crowd who build a following on anything that may look like conspiracy but has no basis in fact that one can prove in a court of law.

Expose the Conspiracy and most of the impetus for our slide into socialism will disappear, because we will have deprived the conspirators of their need for secrecy. This will still leave us with the huge task of educating the American people about what is right. And that is what I sought to convey in what I wrote about in March and April.

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