Celebrate UN Day As a "Day of Shame"

Written by  John F. McManus Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:00

Celebrate October 24, aka UN Day, as a "Day of Shame."

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations met in its first formal session. Hence, the world body celebrates “UN Day” every October 24th.

During the 1970s, our Society countered this UN publicity stunt by celebrating October 24th as a “Day of Shame.” Members throughout the nation presented speakers, arranged for film showings, got permission to set up tables at shopping centers, distributed pamphlets telling the unvarnished truth about the world body, and found new prospects for JBS membership. Wherever this activity occurred, members became energized and more of the American people were made aware of the need for the United States to withdraw completely from the UN. There should be a revival of this important opposition to the United Nations.

Reasons why the United States should quit the UN abound. National sovereignty is at stake because of membership in the world body. The sinister goals expressed by UN leaders and their supporters throughout the world make clear that their ultimate goal is world domination and loss of independence for all nations. But perhaps the most easily grasped reason why America should quit the UN is the dominance the world body has gained over our nation’s military. This is a problem that has been touched on previously in JBS publications, films, etc. But the story of the UN takeover of our nation’s armed forces has never been presented in a single brief document.

We now have a new weapon to fill this need. An eight-page reprint entitled “Our UN-American Military” (from the August 22, 2016 issue of The New American) demonstrates that the UN has dominated our armed forces ever since the United States Senate put our nation into the world body in 1945. In addition, the clearly stated constitutional requirement for a congressional declaration of war before sending America’s forces into battle has been shelved.

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to question retired U.S. Army General John Galvin in a public forum in my hometown. He spoke about growing up in the community I have called home for 50 years, and he thanked local officials for naming a new high school after him. The future general graduated from West Point, earned his commission, and rose to four-star general rank. His final assignment foundhim the leader of U.S. European Command and headof NATO. In 1988, he accepted membership in the Council on Foreign Relations.

During a Q&A session after his brief speech, I asked, “General, do you have any regrets about our government no longer issuing a declaration of war before sending men into battle?” He paused briefly while thinking of how to answer and then said, “No, I don’t have a problem with that.” I spoke with him after the program and asked if I could send him a copy of my book Changing Commands that reports about the betrayal of America’s fighters. He gave me his address and I sent the book asking for his comments about it. I never heard a word from him, and he has since passed away. The thinking of our nation’s highest military officers, General Galvin for instance, has been corrupted as the UN stealthily takes over. How this happened is carefully explained in “Our UN-American Military.”

JBS members know that the Korean War began in 1950 with UN flags actually flying over our forces. There was no declaration of war and, after three years of heavy fighting and thousands of casualties, the war didn’t end. Instead, a moratorium was declared. It is now 63 years later and the United States still has tens of thousands of troops in South Korea, where hostilities could break out again at any time. All of the U.S. forces in Korea continue to serve under overall UN command.

The UN subsidiary known as SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) controlled the Vietnam War. In the 1960s, as U.S. troop levels grew into the hundreds of thousands, President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and other U.S. officials openly admitted that the UN’s SEATO was in charge. More than 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and their effort, guided by UN dominance, ended in the first military defeat ever suffered by our nation. Our forces, the victims of a betrayal by the U.S. government, weren’t allowed to win.

The two wars in Iraq (beginning in 1991 and 2003) were fought under authorization sought from the UN by U.S. leaders. Our nation’s efforts in that war-torn country have proven to be far from satisfactory, even described by many as utterly disastrous. The important point that needs to be made, however, is that one seeks authorization from a superior, not from an inferior. The obvious superior is the UN. And the ongoing Afghan war, now in its 15th year, is led by NATO (another UN subsidiary) in the same no-win manner that SEATO directed the Vietnam War.

Details about how the control of our military has been ceded to the UN appear in “Our UN-American Military.” We ask every member to obtain copies and start sharing them with veterans, families of veterans, and all Americans. Start making plans for your own “Day of Shame” activity on October 24th. Visit your local heads of the American Legion, VFW, Marine Corps League, AMVets, etc. Ask them to read the article and, after they have done so, to obtain more copies for members. The article urges support for H.R. 1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, a measure designed to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations.

In your approach to veterans, be sure to explain that you are not criticizing the men and women who have been placed under UN command. Your goal is to put a stop to the use of America’s forces by the United Nations — and to have our country withdraw from the UN.

A TNA reprint of "Our UN-American Military" is available at the usual pricing for an eight-page TNA reprint.

(Click here for a free download of the TNA reprint "Our UN-American Military.)

(This article was originally published in the October JBS Bulletin.)



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