The U.S. Constitution needs you! Current tallies show that only a mere six more states are required before Congress will be forced to call an Article V Convention (also known as a constitutional convention, Con-Con, or convention of the states), which may rewrite the Constitution. That means the 28 states that already have applied for a convention are in dire need of a stampede of freedom loving Americans to rescind (cancel) the applications to ensure the U.S. Constitution remains intact!

Isn't "free trade" good for everyone? How do you even define "free trade"? By using the term "free trade," governments make it appear that anyone that is against "free trade" is against freedom itself. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Present-day free trade agreements have nothing to do with protecting our freedoms; instead they restrict them by placing America under foreign authority. This is the exact thing that we're seeing with NAFTA. 

Learn more about the dangers of NAFTA integration and the effects it will have on you, your family, your business, and your country unless action is taken! 

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President Donald Trump’s executive order on ObamaCare made in October will likely soon be implemented by the Department of Labor. What does this mean for Americans? This allows the self-employed and small businesses to purchase health insurance outside of the ObamaCare realm. It frees up healthier people to have cheaper insurance, but it could also raise the prices for those with ObamaCare insurance.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, announced that the Trump administration helped reduce the UN’s budget down $285 million for the new two-year period. With the United States contributing nearly 22% of the funding for the entire UN budget, this is a success for the United States and a success for sovereignty!

This December, as President Trump specified at the White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony, it’s time to celebrate the true meaning of the season! The holidays give us a chance to spend time with family, encourage the spirit of generosity, and give us the opportunity to share love and kindness. At the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on November 30, President Trump stated:

“The conspiracy does not care what you know, only what you do about what you know,” wrote The John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson in his book “To The Victors Go The Myths & Monuments.” So what do you know about the conspiracy? If you’ve been following The John Birch Society, then you’re probably well-informed, but do you know how close we are to a New World Order?

December is a month focused on many holiday traditions, gifts, events, and parties everywhere you turn. But missing from the holiday hustle and bustle is a presidential proclamation that Franklin D. Roosevelt made, recognizing the Bill of Rights. That’s right, on December 15, 1941, Roosevelt designated the day (December 15) as Bill of Rights Day. 

True or False? Our federal government has overstepped its constitutional bounds. If you answered true, we’re starting off on the same page. It has consistently spiraled out of control and will continue to do so unless someone does something about it.

Globalists of the European Union recently released their plan to create a dedicated military out of the armed forces of its member states. In an attempt to confuse the public, it is named the “Permanent Structured Cooperation” (PESCO) on defense. It’s also been dubbed a “Defense Union.” Why should we in the U.S. care? Because this scheme tips the hand of globalists by revealing yet another way how national sovereignty is stripped piece-by-piece.

Recall that last week, we gave you three essential steps to stopping Article V convention applications. This week we have a new tool to help you educate yourself and others. In fact, it’s the release of the second booklet in our Constitutional Principles Series: “What Is A Constitutional Convention?”

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