Trump vs. JBS Action Projects: What Can We Expect?

Written by  Monday, 14 November 2016 00:00

The globalists, communists, and internationalists were in shock with disbelief of the election results of now President-elect Donald Trump. The elites were forced to recognize the growing number of Americans who mistrust globalization and want to regain the sovereignty for our country. However don’t be misled; the establishment is not giving up, despite their recent setback with the election.

Now is the time to strike back and use this momentum to bulk up The John Birch Society’s action projects! Donald Trump has come up with a plan for his first 100 days in office, committed to his contract with the American voter. His list covers everything from cancelling billions that go to the UN’s “global warming” programs to suspending immigration from terror regions to securing the border. When he gets in office on January 20, 2017, Americans will find out how well he upholds his promises. So, as members and supporters of The John Birch Society, how do these promises stack up to our Action Projects? 
Choose Freedom –Stop The Free Trade Agenda: Trump plans on renegotiating or repealing NAFTA and withdrawing altogether from the not-yet-ratified Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The John Birch Society has stood against so-called “free trade” agreements because they decimate the base of American manufacturing by off-shoring jobs and factories, fueling the import of cheap foreign-made products. It also stands against NAFTA and the TPP because the global power elites view multilateral free trade agreements as one of their main vehicles for establishing, step-by-step, socialistic regional governments controlled by themselves as stepping stones towards a socialistic global government under the United Nations. We need to push for getting out of these agreements and stop new ones that are detrimental to sovereignty and independence. 
Choose Freedom –Stop ObamaCare: Trump’s plan is to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare. The John Birch Society knows that ObamaCare is highly unconstitutional. It takes away the choices patients are offered by their doctors and interferes with the lifestyle choices parents make for their families. However, Trump wants to repeal and replace. The key is what the replacement is. Hopefully Trump will not replace one government health care system with another. 
Get US Out! of the United Nations: Trump intends to turn off the flow of funds to the United Nations’ climate-change programs and redirect those funds to various infrastructure projects at home in his first 100 days. Where he will go next with the United Nations we don’t know, but he has not talked very highly of the United Nations saying it is not a friend of freedom or a friend of the United States. The John Birch Society has continually been fighting to Get US Out! of the United Nations because of its threat to freedom and sovereignty through a build-up to world government. We must push for full withdrawal from the U.N. 
Choose Freedom –Stop Illegal Immigration: According to Trump’s 100 day plan, he is starting to remove more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back. He also plans on suspending immigration from terror-prone regions. The John Birch Society has stood firmly against illegal immigration. Amnesty and guest worker legislation are a slap in the face to the legal immigrants who have worked hard to navigate the immigration laws in order to come here for better opportunities. The project focuses on stopping the incentives that continue to lure in illegal aliens and is designed to promote the rule of law by enforcing existing immigration laws. We must push to dry up any incentives that favor illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants will tend to self-deport, if incentives are removed.  
Choose Freedom –Stop Common Core: Trump plans on working to introduce the School Choice and Education Opportunity Act, which redirects education dollars to give parents the right to send their children to the school of their choice. Trump also plans on ending Common Core. The John Birch Society has fought to end Common Core by seeking to preserve parental control of education by stopping the top-down imposition of national standards on public schools, private schools, and home schools. We need to work to get the federal government out of education and dismantle the Dept. of Education, as well as Common Core. 
Support Your Local Police & Keep Them Independent: Trump plans on introducing the Restoring Community Safety Act, which will increase federal funding for programs that train and assist local police and will increase resources for federal law enforcement agencies. The John Birch Society believes that police dependent upon the federal government have much less accountability to the local communities they serve. Allegiances become blurred and police serve the needs of the federal government instead of the communities where they work. We must promote the idea that the federal government has no role in our locally controlled police. 
While we don’t know that he will actually follow through with his goals, having a president that could be potentially in line with many of The John Birch Society’s action projects is more than enough reason to redouble our efforts. Now is the time to fight! Join the John Birch Society for less government, more responsibility –and with God’s help– a better world! 

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