Taking a Closer Look at Attorney General Sessions

Written by  Monday, 06 March 2017 00:00

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been in the forefront of the news this past week; is it with good reason? Taking a look at his cumulative Freedom Index Score, he has earned a 72% which indicates his percentage of voting within constitutional limitations. His voting record is based on two decades of serving as an Alabama senator. He stands against illegal immigration, is a climate change skeptic, aims to end federal harassment of local police, and was an advisor to the Trump campaign. But now the focus is on his Russian communications, during the time he served as a ranking member on various committees in Congress and when he was a Trump advisor. Critics claim he lied about his contact with Russian officials during testimony.

However, according to Robert Barnes, a California-based trial attorney, there is no evidence that Sessions met with the ambassador to go over Trump’s campaign strategy. His meetings with the foreign ambassadors had nothing to do with the Trump campaign, so he didn’t disclose them when asked. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton made false statements to Congress, which readily available evidence exposes as false, yet she was still able to run for president and has not yet been prosecuted. The media has purposefully left this unnoted. This blatant disregard for truth focuses the attention on Sessions, Trump’s campaign, and Russia, while purposely hiding what we should be focusing on. 
In “How to Identify, Expose & Correct Liberal Media Bias” by Brent Baker, he identifies types of bias and how to spot them. A story can have bias by commission, omission, story selection, placement, selection of sources, spin, labeling, or policy endorsement. Making a bigger deal out of Sessions’ ambassador meetings than Hillary Clinton’s false statements, would be a case of story selection, which is defined as “a pattern of highlighting news stories that coincide with the agenda of the Left while ignoring stories that coincide with conservative social issues.” 
Searching for recent stories on Hillary, one will find her election website and that she is still recovering from her “stunning loss.” There’s no mention of Trump working to put her in jail, just more blame for the supposed Russian interference with the election. But the Sessions story is being treated as Trump’s Watergate, trending with the hashtag #SessionsGate. This sort of bias has the power to sweep up the masses and place them right into the heart of the Liberal agenda. Liberal media has dominated the news for far too long. It is our job as educated Americans to expose these preconceptions. Many people get very passionate and emotional over politics, so patiently showing them the facts and bias is a step in the right direction. See if you can pin-point the specific liberal media bias today! 
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Photo credit: Flickr: Jeff Sessions speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. October, 2011. (Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore, some rights reserved).

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