What Kind Of Healthcare Fix Will We Get?

Written by  Monday, 13 March 2017 20:20

ObamaCare-Lite, RINO-Care, Trumpcare, and Ryancare: it’s all been brought to the table for consideration. With all of these options presented, what is the best one? What “fix” should we follow? In The New American’s March 20, 2017 issue, managing Editor Kurt Williamsen dives into four different perspectives for fixing healthcare: from tweaking ObamaCare to free market fixes.

It may seem difficult to make an informed decision about having our healthcare needs met without bankrupting individuals or the country. Is there a way to do it? And is it constitutional? 
President Obama promised cheap universal healthcare and the ability to keep doctors; unfortunately neither of these was true with his Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare is a highly unconstitutional healthcare plan with federal fines, forced mandates, higher taxes, and higher premiums that has resulted in layoffs and reduced work hours for some. How much tweaking do you think it will take to fix all this?  
Williamsen addresses it in ObamaCare Unraveled, “It is widely acknowledged that ObamaCare is now in a ‘death spiral.’ Because, according to the Obama administration, for ObamaCare to function it needs 38 percent of young, healthy Americans to sign up for ObamaCare to help offset the costs of the additional sick people who are signing up for ObamaCare and the healthy ones are not signing up in enough numbers, insurers are losing money on the program, causing premiums to rise and more healthy insureds to drop out of the system. As costs and consumer dissatisfaction increase, more of the healthy will pull out and the system will spiral down to its death.”
Imagine a world where healthcare is free and everyone can have equal access to it. Think again, money does not grow on trees and neither do doctors and nurses. Time and time again failures have occurred such as with the Veterans Health Administration have everyone questioning whether government-run healthcare could ever work. There will always be a limit on what can be spent on healthcare, so choices have to be made on what types of treatments each American can receive. With this type of healthcare, it’s not possible for improved care or lowered costs. There’s no way to avoid socialism with this type of coverage. 
The advertisements are so appealing: cradle-to-grave care, affordability, equal access, and high quality healthcare. But it isn’t that easy, the waiting time dramatically increases and systems such as Medicaid and Medicare are already bankrupting the country. In order to cut costs, certain care will be unavailable. Our dire financial situation and the aging of our country make this choice go out the window. 
Currently Americans being impoverished by health insurance with higher and higher deductibles and higher and higher premium costs. Even with insurance, the patient still has to pay out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays, etc.  It is time for the government-run systems of healthcare to be phased out. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the federal government is to be involved in healthcare. Let’s deliver healthcare back to the free market, where solutions abound, costs drop, competition increases, and service levels increase. Now is the time to stand up in support of repealing ObamaCare and not replacing it with anything except constitutional, free-market approaches. 
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