China and Trump Don't See Eye to Eye on Climate

Written by  Monday, 03 April 2017 19:52

President Trump appears to be making good on his campaign promise regarding reversing President Obama’s climate change directive with his latest executive order. The Obama administration consistently led the global effort to limit fossil fuels and worked tirelessly to have other countries, including China do the same. Now with the Trump administration, the roles will likely be switched with China becoming the leader in promoting the United Nations climate agenda. As the head of the UN climate movement, China will seek to bolster its global influence, aspiring to help the UN take control of global air, water, land, and energy.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that climate change is a hoax, while Chinese officials have parroted the UN’s talking points of the “imminent” global threat of CO2. China claims it is devoted to sticking to the UN Paris Agreement regardless of what moves Trump makes. This agreement’s intent is to slash CO2 emissions in order to reduce the global temperature. Their vehicle for doing so is a global tax, which they have urged others to support for their “worthy cause.” Did we mention that the agreement will also make China’s economy grow, while America’s suffers?
According to The New American foreign correspondent, Alex Newman, “Prices of everything would surge as energy prices ‘skyrocket,’ with poor and middle class Americans being harmed the most. There would also be a mass exodus of remaining U.S. jobs to China and other dictator-controlled Third World nations as American manufacturing was destroyed, further undermining the fragile and increasingly hollowed out U.S. economy.”
Although preserving and protecting our planet may be a worthy cause, the masterminds behind this movement care little to none about the climate. It is merely a tool or a plank in the globalist agenda to usurp the independence of many for the benefit of the few. So it should come as no surprise that China, the apparent new climate cheerleader of the UN, is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases! In fact, researchers predict that China will peak in carbon emissions in 2025. 
Digging a little deeper reveals who else promotes this radical environmental agenda: the Rockefeller family and George Soros. Mr. Newman, has exposed their propaganda methods, their purchasing of politicians, and their persuading energy companies to promote the agenda. But what is their motivation? To crush the gas and oil industry to gain total energy dominance. And the most effective way to do this is through the heavy hand of government as it unconstitutionally usurps more from its citizens, resulting in less liberty and more tyranny. When carried out to its end game, this radical environmentalism will tell us where we live, how we live, what we eat, and how much energy we can consume. 
The John Birch Society stands firmly in the belief that everyone should be responsible stewards of natural resources, yet not to the tune of the radical environmental movement. With Trump making strides against Obama’s “progress” to save the planet, Americans must expose the hypocrisy of the radical environmental movement and encourage U.S. withdrawal not just from the UN Paris Agreement, but from the United Nations as well. 
Learn more and tell others how the United Nations plans on curtailing your freedoms in order to “save the planet.” 
Photo credit: President of People's Republic of China Xi Jinping at Tashkent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image from official President of Russia website

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