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Russian Hacking Agenda: Just Drop It Already

Written by  Monday, 12 June 2017 20:32

The masses are told to turn left, they turn. They are told to turn right, they turn. They are told each step of the way what the most important focus is at the current moment. Now former FBI Director James B. Comey’s testimony is the new focus. Recent headlines showcased extreme media bias as they highlighted Trump “lying” about why he fired Comey. And many Americans are being persuaded to believe that the Russians did interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

Yet again, these are distractions hiding more pressing problems, such as the renegotiation of NAFTA, the future of healthcare, and the outrageous and unacceptable national debt. Lining up one by one, the masses are acting just like sheep, allowing the media to pit them in a Left vs. Right battle (instead of tyranny vs. liberty). 
News Flash: the election is over, Trump was sworn in at the beginning of the year, and the National Association of Secretaries of State deems the “election was not hacked.” Now why do the main stream media get away with shoving the opposite down our throats? 
It’s because yet again, ‘We the People’ are accepting it. Most Americans know that the government is traitorous, secretive, and deceptive but yet they sit by and do nothing. It’s time to awaken this sleeping giant. That is where The John Birch Society comes in. We believe in the foundation that our forefathers built and are dedicated to restoring it. Our news magazine, The New American, gives you the real story behind the headlines and explains why America has gotten so far away from its founding principles. It is time we demand politicians follow the Constitution and ignore media controlled by an agenda.
Robert Welch had a vision and a plan to return America to its Constitutional Republic roots when he started The John Birch Society. In the Blue Book, Welch defines how citizens must rise up to a higher standard to make it happen: 
“Less government and more responsibility. I mean less government of every kind, federal, state, or municipal; and more true responsibility, not only on the part of individuals but on the part of such reduced governmental units as are necessarily permitted to exist. But of course I mean, primarily, less federal government, because that is where our greatest danger lies; and more individual responsibility, because that is our greatest need.” (p. 113). 
There is no quick fix to this global threat but with education as our strategy and truth as our weapon, we can create an informed electorate. By reaching business leaders, community leaders, and ultimately Congress, we can gain influence throughout every level of elected office to pull government back within its constitutional limitations. Let’s create a future for America that our founding fathers would be proud of! What are you waiting for? Get involved today!
Image from vimeo from NaturalNews