Con-Con Battle Getting Too Close For Comfort

Wisconsin’s state assembly voted 54-41 on June 14th to call for a constitutional convention. If the Senate goes on to approve the same measure, the state of Wisconsin would be the 28th state calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment Constitutional Convention (34 states are needed). As The John Birch Society has stated time and time again, this convention would have the inherent power to rewrite the Constitution, putting our rights and freedoms at risk. Although Article V seems like a viable solution, Article VI actually reveals what needs to be done:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures … shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution….
Politicians are held by oath to uphold the Constitution, so the problem lies in the lack of enforcement of the Constitution. Alterations to the Constitution will not change the fact that our leaders are breaking their promise to the people to follow and abide by it. Know people who still insist that Article V is the solution? Having a hard time convincing them otherwise? The CEO of The John Birch Society explains how simple principles and logic can be used to show that Article V will not change Washington. It can be explained and understood in eight simple questions
1. Does the Congress or the administration follow the Constitution now? 
2. If changes were made for the better, why would they follow that? Especially when it takes less to get a vote to balance a budget — a simple majority vs. two-thirds? 
3. Do you believe that no matter how the “convention” was held — governors or elected/appointed delegates — that those in control would rise to the level of men such as Founders Washington and Madison? 
4. Do you believe that no matter what the means to convene the convention that a sizeable contingent of delegates would be at the level of Gore or Obama? 
5. Ask yourself, if now we are not electing constitutionalists to office from our area, what makes anyone think that we will send constitutionalists to any meeting? 
6. Do you want a balanced budget? 
7. Are you willing to pay for it?  
8. Is the Constitution flawed? 
Each state voting to convene a convention is one step closer to tyranny and one step away from freedom. It is crucial that no matter what state you live in, that you contact your state legislators in person and/or on the phone! Educating voters and state legislators is a year-round commitment and must be done to counteract the Article V convention advocates. Voters in those states that are in dire need of opposition to Article V conventions must get their state senator and state representative’s attention. Click here to phone and email your state legislators in opposition to all Article V conventions. Hold their feet to the fire! The fate of our U.S. Constitution depends on it. 

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