Healthcare Debate Continues: Make Your Voice Heard!

Whether or not the Trump administration is ready to ditch ObamaCare or replace the healthcare system with TrumpCare, it looks as though the Senate GOP leaders are still debating the subject. The Senate version of the House bill, HR 1628, has some strong opposition from five specific Republican senators, even though a majority of Republicans support it. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Dean Heller (R-NV) claimed on Thursday that they are not ready to vote on it and want to keep the promise to lower healthcare costs by repealing ObamaCare.

With the July Fourth recess coming up, the vote may be forced through before lawmakers leave this week. Sen. Rand Paul wants to allow Senators more time to read the bill before voting on it and is working on introducing a bill to do so. It seems obvious, but it hasn’t been the case with other bills, so why would Congress change its mode of operation now? Senators need the time to decide what is best for the states they represent; changing the name on the same system is not making progress. Paul stated: 
There’s a great danger, from the point of view of somebody that thought we were repealing ObamaCare that we’re going to actually be replacing ObamaCare with ObamaCare. 
America has seen time and time again the failures of government managed healthcare and the damages that it has caused. With higher costs and fewer options, insurance companies are even feeling the ramifications with not enough young, healthy individuals signing up for plans to help balance the costs of older and sicker patients. Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross have announced that they will be leaving ObamaCare exchanges in Indiana and Wisconsin. In Iowa, Aetna, Medica, and Wellmark, have recently announced their retreat from the ObamaCare exchange. 
Our country flourishes not with more help from the federal government but with less regulations and stipulations. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the federal government is to be involved in healthcare. Basic healthcare should be affordable and will only be so when the free market is allowed to prevail. Competition drives excellence. And when it comes to healthcare, excellence is to be expected and is crucial.  
America needs politicians who will obey the Constitution. We must support those who are willing to extract government from our healthcare system. A free market system will drive down costs for everyone and give freedom back to the people. It’s our future, our healthcare. Let’s act like it and not hand it back to the government to “take care of it.” Let the House and Senate know that ObamaCare does not need a replacement and to reject both House and Senate versions of HR 1628! Tell them to support H.R. 1718 and S. 106 instead to provide a clean repeal of ObamaCare with no replacement! 
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Vice President Pence @Twitter, public domain. 

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