Reinforcements Needed, TTIP is Resurfacing!

With the tenacious threat of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiation, no one saw the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) coming back into play. But that is exactly what German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling the U.S. and the European Union to discuss next. Being resurrected from Obama’s days in office, the TTIP still has the same major problems as it and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) had before. They, along with NAFTA, are all stepping stones leading towards world government. With agreements numerous pages high and globalists chomping at the bit, we must all work together to take a stand against this scheme to rid us of independence and liberty. 
Movement has already happened under the radar. Reps. Erik Paulsen (R-MN), Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and Dave Reichert (R-WA) opened up communications with representatives from the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmChamEU) this past Thursday. Reichert stated that for the time being the U.S. trade agenda will be solely focused on trade in the Asia-Pacific and renegotiating NAFTA. Reichert also claims that if we don’t decide the rules on trade, China will. 
However, if NAFTA is not stopped, then a North American Union would be established, modeled after the European Union. The current NAFTA agreement has caused jobs to be exported, decreased the standard of living, and has had America’s manufacturing base decimated. With a renegotiation, Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. economies would be leveled out, environmental and business regulations would be expanded, and police and military for North America would merge. Similarly, the TTIP will not create more jobs and will ultimately lead us down the path of world government.  
In building up an argument against these trade deals, one can easily access relevant content at In 2015, for example, The New American Senior Editor William F. Jasper covered ten reasons to oppose these “trade deals” and the reasons are still as relevant as ever. With these evergreen concepts, let’s expose how this is a bad deal for America. 
1. Sovereignty will be lost. 
2. The TPP and TTIP are “living,” “evolving” agreements. 
3. It’s being planned in secret. 
4. The TPP and TTIP are not about “free trade.” 
5. It is an immigration Trojan Horse. 
6. It merges America with China/Russia. 
7. An opportunity for TPP/TTIP to foist gun control on Americans. 
8. The jobs and prosperity myth. 
9. The TPP and TTIP are corporatist schemes. 
10. The TPP and TTIP are regional transitions in the push toward a world government. 
Whether the attack comes from the left or right, whether it is in the form of NAFTA, TTIP, TTP, NAU, or the EU, we need to be prepared. The New World Order crowd is very effective in their organization, and has the money and power to support their efforts. But with logic, determination, and direction, we can prevent these trade deals from happening. Jump on board by joining The John Birch Society and working with others to apply pressure to expose these globalist plans and stop them. Visit to get started, and if you’re not a member, contact your local field coordinator today to discover what you can do to help! 
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Antoine Motte dit Falisse CC BY-SA 4.0. 

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