Accelerate Your Leadership Into Performance

One Bircher can create a ripple of conversation that changes the knowledge in a community. Chapters, and especially Sections, can change the culture to bring about less government, more responsibility, and – with God's help – a better world, by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles.
The above comes from our newest training tool for volunteer leaders. After all, being a Bircher means being more than just someone willing to send out emails and make a few phone calls. JBS Founder Robert Welch stated at the founding meeting, “…We need disciplined pullers at the oars, and not passengers in the boat….We are not kidding, or just talking, and we do mean business every step of the way.”
So do we just turn you loose with a “sink-or-swim” attitude? No, JBS is in the business of building organization. Politico took a swipe at us last week in a lengthy article, but the author did mention on Texas Public Radio that the JBS is very well organized and has much more influence due to an active membership.
Members are asked to do three things: learn more, tell others, and take action. Because a “tireless minority” has carried out the majority of the work in the history of the American Republic, we seek those that can make a difference in their communities. We grow the leadership skills of those wanting to get involved, to do more, and to contribute to growing the organization.
A recent series of tools is replacing our Chapter Leaders manual to help you have a toolbox chock full of outreach tools. The “Volunteer Leaders Accelerated Performance Series” is a free download of three files:
 1.Basic Performance
 2.Successful Performance
 3.Top Performance
A little more than a month ago, the first one was released, and now the second is available. “Successful Performance” gives in-depth information on tools that can be used to grow the organization. You’ll learn how to best use the following:
 Town hall meetings
 Neighborhood canvassing
 JBS tables at public events
 JBS DVD screenings and chapter speakers
 National speakers bureau
 Ad hoc committees
 Business and professional chapters
Birching should be fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Allow us to show you how to work smarter, instead of harder. Have you heard that 80% of the people don’t know what’s happening, 15% know what’s happening, and 5% make things happen? Well, it’s true. If we as Birchers target the 5% who make things happen, then we can have a rippling effect on the community, state and eventually the country.
Chapter and Section Leaders can log into, go to the JBS Leaders section, and click into Forms and Handbooks to download the first two files. If you’re not yet a Chapter Leader, contact your local Coordinator to learn of leadership opportunities in your area!

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