Protect Local Law Enforcement, Don’t Demonize Them

Written by  Monday, 28 August 2017 20:46

At a time when violent hard leftists are portraying local police as “enemies in blue,” the JBS-affiliate Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. (LECF) seeks to protect the fragile bond between community and local law enforcement.

Recently, LECF representatives attended the 16th Annual Gangs Across the Carolinas Conference in North Carolina, at the request of event organizers. A booth was hosted and LECF networked with some of the 600-700 attending officers.  
Surrounded by vendors selling everything from body armor to holsters and attendees listening to seminars and speeches, LECF was warmly welcomed by attendees and fellow vendors. 
LECF reps sold hats and t-shirts and handed out LECF literature, including its promotional booklet, special issues of The New American, and the LECF Intelligence Brief. The Brief is published twice a year and distributed to 16,300 police departments across the U.S., as well as to members of Congress. According to comments received from some police departments, the Intelligence Brief is information that law enforcement currently does not receive from any other source.
But law enforcement does regularly receive left-wing propaganda masquerading as intelligence from the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. LECF hopes to win the intelligence battle by providing the truth about those who have declared war on law enforcement and why.
Run entirely on donations, LECF has already made an impact during its first year by giving out grants to the families of fallen officers, specifically from Wisconsin and California. The organization also gifts grants for personal protective gear, with the Parker City Police Department in Indiana, being the latest recipient. 
LECF was created as a supplement to JBS’ Support Your Local Police and Keep them Independent (SYLP). While SYLP focuses on supporting local law enforcement in general with special emphasis on keeping local police forces independent from the federal government, LECF seeks to protect the bond that exists between community and local law enforcement and to serve individual officers and their families. 
JBS members are encouraged to continue working on SYLP as a JBS Agenda item (see the September JBS Bulletin). Anyone interested in purchasing any of LECF’s hats, shirts, or other promotional items can call 877-325-COPS. Visit to download the Intelligence Brief and to read exclusive LECF articles written by New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi. 
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