Taking a Look at the Score…

Written by  Friday, 01 September 2017 19:39

When Robert Welch started The John Birch Society in December 1958, surrounded by like-minded individuals, friends, and business associates, he gave a two-day presentation assessing the situation that our country was in and where it was heading. (The Blue Book) While preparing this speech, he knew that going forward wasn’t going to be easy. The organization, planning, money, and influence from the opposing side had been deeply rooted and had infiltrated throughout society.

He began the presentation with this urgent prediction. 
“I am not only bringing you truth instead of comfort, but truth which may shatter a lot of the comfort you already feel. For the truth I bring you is simple, incontrovertible, and deadly. It is that, unless we can reverse forces which now seem inexorable in their movement, you have only a few more years before the country in which you live will become four separate provinces in a world-wide Communist dominion ruled by police-state methods....” (p. 1 The Blue Book
Mr. Welch knew even in 1958 that the United States would continue to lose sovereignty; the federal government would attempt to change our nation’s history, discredit the family institution, impose constant increases in spending and ignore the national debt. The federal government would increasingly take control over every aspect of our daily lives. 
Taking a look at what Mr. Welch called “the score” today, he has been exactly right. “We the People” have put up with so many government encroachments: Common Core, Agenda 21/2030, the gradual federalization of police, ObamaCare, massive illegal immigration, the devaluing of our currency, and “mandatory” spending. The list can go on and on. 
Although taking a look at the score may make the situation seem helpless, there is hope. The John Birch Society is the answer to preserving freedom! George Washington once said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” No other organization has the local activism and education that the JBS has. Learn more about how you can join in on our concerted action, grassroots organization to expose the truth. Get in contact with your local field coordinator to get started today! 
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