Using Media Relations to Reveal Truth

Written by  Monday, 09 October 2017 20:56

Since the 1960s, The John Birch Society has undergone media attacks and has had to face unprecedented smears. But with the primary focus of putting a wrench in the establishment’s globalist agenda, these attacks are to be expected.

Yet when some in the media unleash their attack, many other media outlets pick it up and disseminate it as truth.
JBS has stood on constitutional principles from day one and has protected American liberty and independence. But how do we counteract all these attacks? Simple. We Birch the media!
In the October, 2017 JBS Bulletin (member only publication), we discuss this in the article, “Using Media Relations to Get US Out! of NAFTA.” By seeking those who shape opinions in your community and building relationships with them, you provide a way for the local media to put a face to the organization and its local activities. This way the local media is hesitant to support an attack and know who to call when they have questions.
Here is a recap from the article. Get started today! 
1. Media relations: Friendly reporters or editors do exist! If you don’t know who they are, study your local newspaper and decide which reporters or editors to approach for garnering publicity. Here are some examples of when to approach these folks: 
  1. Street/county fairs/gun shows, parades, etc. 
  2. JBS Speakers Bureau speeches
  3. Video showings
  4. Constitution is the Solution workshops
  5. JBS ad hoc committee events 
  6. Special note: Chapter meetings should not be publicized, as they are not open to the public. 
2. Talk radio shows: Opinions matter! But is your local community hearing the JBS perspective? Call in to shows and begin building relationships with local hosts and producers. If you can articulate the JBS perspective, then be a guest to do just that for our top action projects. Feel free to contact Headquarters to handle larger opportunities. 
3. Calendars of events: Submit your local events (not Chapter meetings) to these calendars to help drive traffic. 
4. Sharing of TNA news articles: Did you know that we allow others in the media to repost articles from The New American? Yes! Head over to the “About” section of the website for specific guidelines: 
Intimidated by the media?  Don’t be! A little-known secret is that they are no different than anyone else and when shown the truth, many in the local media will treat you fairly.
Image from Flickr, Newspapers B&W by Jon S, CC BY 2.0 

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