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Written by  Art Thompson Wednesday, 11 October 2017 19:16

We are launching perhaps the most important campaign in the history of The John Birch Society, and it might be the toughest we have ever been involved in for two basic reasons we will relate further on — but we can do it!

We are faced with a dizzying array of alphabet soup labels regarding agreements —treaties really —threatening the very survival of the United States, the Constitution, and the liberty of the American people.


These include, but are not limited to NAFTA, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), and more. Any one of these agreements has the potential of ending American independence.


As you know, we stopped the TPP, at least for now, by starting a campaign against it when no one cared or had ever heard about the agreement. Our persistence — your persistence — is what did it!


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There are weaknesses in their strategy, and if we take advantage of them we will defeat them:


First, we must make an issue out of our loss of sovereignty — the loss of our independence and the corresponding loss of our ability to manufacture the weapons needed in any future conflict. These two aspects of the loss of sovereignty form an umbrella stretching over all foreign entanglements and if understood by enough Americans would cut this particular variety of threads being laid over Gulliver America by the Conspiracy.


Another dangerous issue with the trade agreements is they erode the Constitution. They actually amend the Constitution without the amendment process! They do this by abrogating the Constitution, Article I, Section 8: The Congress shall have the power to…regulate commerce with foreign nations…


If the various trade agreements mentioned above place this power into the hands of a regional, international entity — which these trade agreements do — they alter the Constitution without amendments.


Not Trade Deals, But Sovereignty Killers


We have to get people to understand these are not trade deals in the classic sense; they are not as much about jobs and business, as they are independence destroyers and what that means to our future. Debating these agreements as to whether they are “good deals” for trade is to fall into a trap and ignore the larger implications of losing our sovereignty!


We all had hopes that President Trump’s pulling out of the TPP was a precursor to what lay ahead relative to all of the so-called trade deals. No one ever seems to consider how we existed without these trade deals for centuries and prospered. Why do we need them now?


Once Again, the CFR Emerges


However, the appointment by President Trump of Robert E. Lighthizer, a twenty-year veteran of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), as our trade negotiator, was a disappointment. Mr. Lighthizer also has been involved in representing foreign countries against the United States in trade issues. Another bad sign is Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, and others have stated the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA is renegotiated. Canada agrees.


The issue of sovereignty coupled with the ability to defend ourselves is an issue in all foreign entanglements. Relative to defense, we have lost the ability to produce weaponry without the importation of their components by a factor of 80%, much of it from potential enemies. This has to change.


The Conspiracy Must Be Stopped


If we can create a campaign to build understanding of what we stand to lose by these agreements, we will go a long way toward throwing a monkey wrench into many other initiatives of the Conspiracy.


As examples: it will assist in the effort to Get US Out! of the United Nations; it will work against the effort to lure our local police into an international police system; and, not the least, it will assist in our efforts to stop Agenda 21/2030. These enhancements will be a result of Americans’ understanding what the loss of independence really means in their lives.


The loss of independence means this: as bad as it seems today relative to the average citizen having a say in the political life of our nation, it will be diminished even more by the individual becoming irrelevant. The people will simply become cogs in the wheel of an international New World Order run by oligarchs.



Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.



This truism will play itself out if any international consortium has control of our trade and thus our economy and begins to tell the American people what to do. This is regardless of whether there is a Conspiracy, as we know it, or not. It will become the natural byproduct of the growth of power. However, with the Conspiracy, the power will rapidly manifest itself into a worldwide boot on the face of humanity.


We may not be able to convince all people of this last statement, but we can convince them they will not have much of a say in their own future, if these so-called trade deals go forward. We can also convince veterans of the need for independent means to manufacture the weapons of war.


The argument used today is we need trade deals that are fair to the American worker and business. While that is important, losing our ability under the Constitution to have a free economy as part of an international system is a more important issue. We could even be prevented from manufacturing weapons, ammunition, etc., by such a system in the name of fair trade and environmental controls as part of the pacts.


We could have a more fair trade balance and so forth, but if we give up our ability to have a free enterprise system as we know it, in the long run we will not have any concept of “fairness” if we have a system controlled by outside factors.


“Living and evolving” agreements spell trouble for American businesses


One aspect alone, the idea these are “living and evolving” agreements tells us they will be treated just as any new federal law is utilized to add federal regulations. But in this case it will be international governing bodies that will be creating new laws and regulations.


We have to remember the law may say one thing but government agencies overseeing the law may add regulations in direct opposition to the original intent of the law.


In addition, while the law may be a couple of inches thick in its final printed form, regulations may be measured in feet rather than inches. We remember ObamaCare which was two inches thick in its final printed form but regulations added on to it made a stack over eight feet tall by late 2014 — this without even a tip of the hat to Congress.


The same would occur with an international commission overseeing any so-called free trade deal. We would be only one vote on any commission and it “would only be fair” for the United States to be voted against, since we are the richest country on earth and need to “fulfill our responsibility” to the rest of the world’s poor countries.


The deck is stacked against us. The nations we are making these trade agreements with are by and large socialist, and there is no way we can sustain our standard of living in such an atmosphere with these countries voting against us. By adopting the agreements, we would have to obey their edicts and rulings. And, as we pointed out: Congress would have given up any say in the process.


Look at the EU’s history of using trade to build the superstate


The attitude of the socialists in the European Union is an example. Where they started out as a so-called trade alliance, they are now trying to dictate policy in each of their member states. Poland, for instance, does not allow immigration of refugees from the Middle East. The EU is applying pressure with the threat of sanctions if they do not.


The EU even threatened Poland with sanctions if they voted in a new judicial system (to reform the current structure to rid it of the communist judges left over from communism). The crowds that formed the demonstrations against this change were created by the communist cadres that still exist in Poland — indeed they exist within the entire former communist bloc.


As the EU demonstrated, first comes “free” trade — with it the growing loss of independence. And a nation that loses control of its economy is no longer free.


Recall the advice given to us by our founders. George Washington stated, “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.” And Thomas Jefferson pledged at his inauguration, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.”


Entangling alliances aid the spread of globalism


The Conspiracy’s dual use of globalism as a tool and a weapon has ushered in a high level of tolerance and acceptance for entangling alliances among average Americans. Indeed, even average businessmen may not see the crippling consequences these have on American independence.


Responsibility and independence, once treasured in American culture, is quickly being supplanted with entangling alliances springing forth from government programs on all levels. Once you see them, you recognize them:


  • A third of each state’s revenue comes from the federal government
  • Local police being taken over through various means by the federal government
  • Local city and county governance being shaped by Agenda 21/2030 resulting in several entangling alliances with federal and international groups
  • Federal takeover of healthcare
  • Common Core acceptance by states due to funding incentives


But the average American does not see these entangling alliances. They have been conditioned to accept these as necessary solutions. But when the veil is lifted, the truth is revealed. When was the last time we all saw this? During the 2016 Presidential campaign!


As the campaigning Donald Trump said, “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.” Voters had a clear choice in November of 2016: socialism or Americanism. Regardless of what we may think of the job Trump has done thus far, Americanism won over the American voter.


So instead of individually fighting the battles we must fight to stop NAFTA, the TTIP, TiSA, possibly TPP again, plus all the other entangling alliances, what can we do to fight these cumulatively?


We must put American independence and liberty first. We must put America first.
We must do no less a job of permeating the American discussion than we did with the Presidential campaign.
We need to launch an umbrella campaign



We have developed a campaign to rival and hopefully exceed our campaign to stop the North American Union. It will be the toughest campaign we have been in before for two reasons: (1) the time needed to stop NAFTA is against us and any other pact close on its heels; and (2) the colossal ignorance of the majority of opinion molders as to what is really going on and the ramifications of foreign entanglements in general. But it can be done, especially when conducted on a number of fronts, all done simultaneously.


This campaign will mean educational materials sent directly from The John Birch Society to opinion molders and the business community on the issues of sovereignty and defense in regard to trade deals. Our membership must do the same but on a broader, locally implemented approach. Outreach must be the operative word.


We will develop all manner of graphic and visual tools for this effort to be used by our membership and chapters: pamphlets, videos, reprints, e-books, etc.


Our direct effort will involve the mailing of literature and videos to opinion molders such as local and state officials, tens of thousands of business owners, and a heightened effort to involve conservative media personalities and other organizations.


The budget for this effort is large, as you can well imagine. It takes a lot of money to deal directly with the business community; likewise with the cost of production of those tools necessary for you to use in dealing locally with opinion molders.


So while we’d like to have as much to invest in this as the Presidential campaigns enjoy, we know we can do it for a lot less.


We estimate the financial requirement to begin with will be close to $3,000,000. This is a financial commitment on top of our normal operating costs. We know that we can do it, if you, our members, believe that we can do it.


We must and will influence millions!


We know we can influence literally millions of Americans rapidly if we handle it this way to help “jump-start” the efforts of our membership through our chapters.


The residual effect it will have on the awareness of the problem on the opinion molders should be sustained for some time — enough to greatly slow down the timetable of the Conspiracy.


JBS Founder Robert Welch stated the work of our members caused the Conspiracy to miss its original date of July 4, 1976 (the two-hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence), as the year they wanted effective control over the United States. This date kept slipping because of the continued work against key agenda items of the Conspiracy by our members.


We know our engagement in the campaigns to stop a variety of agreements caused them to miss several timetables: FTAA, 2005; North American Union, 2010; TPP, 2015; TTIP, 2015. Any one of these schemes could have a crippling effect on our independence.


Often we were the first to ring the alarm bell on these initiatives and many conservatives thought we were unjustifiably concerned. Yet these became major issues, even driving the campaign of 2016.


We can do it again, but we have to start immediately since the schedule to settle NAFTA is proceeding rapidly, and we have to engage as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible.


So we come to you again to ask you to help finance this critical campaign. We can stop them again and set their timetable back once more. We have set them back 50 years overall, and we can set them back another 25 years, if we amass the necessary resources to do so.


Can you help with this critical campaign? Can you help with $10,000, $5,000, or $1,000 for this initiative? Again, we do not know your circumstances, but any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.



Arthur R. Thompson

Chief Executive Officer


P. S. Anyone gifting $500 or more will receive the new STOP NAFTA Action Pack. For those of you sending in a gift of $5,000 or more, we will not only send you the new Action Pack, but two copies of the updated “International Merger by Foreign Entanglements” book – a personally inscribed one for you and one to share.

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