President Trump & Congress Must Exit NAFTA

Written by  Monday, 16 October 2017 19:49

Before Trump was even president, he severely criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and said that we need to renegotiate it to make it more favorable to the U.S., or if that can't be done, we should withdraw from it. Now that he is president, he and Congress have the power to end our membership in NAFTA. But instead of withdrawing, the United States is knee-deep in the fourth of seven rounds of renegotiations. 

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, along with representatives from Canada and Mexico, are focused on updating the agreement, but even they are feeling the heat to get out of NAFTA. Let’s make sure President Trump and Congress feel the heat to withdraw. 
Congress Must Act 
Many in Congress are nervous of the implications of leaving NAFTA. But they must be reminded of the dangers of NAFTA to American liberty and independence. Plus they need to be reminded that Congress has the power to regulate foreign commerce. 
But what are the dangers of staying in it? 
Canada already has a vision of NAFTA that includes promoting Agenda 21/2030 as well as progressive ideals. According to The Canadian Press, Canadian representatives aim to address “pay equity, child care, and women in trades.” They even want to include an entire chapter of gender equality in the renegotiated NAFTA. 
With a regional-umbrella government dictating laws, our constitutional rights would be overridden. International Merger by Foreign Entanglements gives a great summary of how trade is good but the hidden agenda is more than the average citizen can see:
There always is a desire for commerce, but there is great dangers in forming alliances that really have very little to do with trade and have a lot to do with the accumulation of power, particularly international power through regional institutions, such as the European Union, and worldwide institutions, such as the United Nations.
Other recent updates show Britain’s interest in joining NAFTA. This would continue the path to an interdependent global “free trade” agreement (GFTA). These entangling alliances come in many forms but all lead down the same path towards global government. No matter how it is packaged, the agenda is still the same. Now is the time to stop NAFTA and with it the globalist agenda of a New World Order
Persuade Trump to Exit  
Call, call, and call again! Government authorities can easily ignore emails and letters. A phone call has the greatest impact (outside of a personal visit). Phone the Trump administration (202-456-1111), your representative (202-225-3121), and your senators (202-224-3121) and demand an exit from NAFTA to end our participation in this interdependent, globalist-oriented "free trade" agreement. 
Image from Wikimedia Commons, by the White House, public domain. 

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