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Shedding Light on Antifa’s Nov. 4 Protests

Written by  Monday, 06 November 2017 21:35

Anti-Trump headlines and even a full page New York Times advertisement rallied people to take to the streets this past Saturday, November 4th. In order to trigger mayhem, they called for protests in bigger cities such as Chicago, Seattle, New York City, and more. With protesters motivated to end the “Trump/Pence Regime” by well-organized management, The John Birch Society hoped that no one would add to the violence or get involved. CEO Art Thompson advised people to stay home and be prepared to put out fires.

The “promotions” called for hundreds of thousands to hit the streets, fortunately much less actually followed through, and it was barely mentioned in the news over the weekend. This was a perfect example of shining light on evil and exposing its true intent in order to put a stop to it. The John Birch Society warned of this possible threat and educated people on what communist groups are capable of. 
For a recap, be sure to watch our Antifa videos: 
With more hype than action, this instance gives us a glimpse of what they can still pull off in the future. But who even is Antifa, the group that was supposedly behind this planning? The New American has been accurately reporting on these mysterious masked rioters and have exposed the direct correlation from them to communism. 
The liberal media has watered Antifa down, highlighting them as counteracting the fascists and racists supporting the “Trump Regime,” ignoring their adoption of communist causes as well as symbols and slogans. William Jasper covers the organized leadership behind it all:  
Communist parties and communist organizations such as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Workers World Party (WWP), By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and provide the key leadership, ideological indoctrination, organizing, and training for the Antifa rioters.
Even the day Antifa picked to tear apart cities relates to Communist propaganda. This planned November 4 Communist Revolution was coordinated almost exactly 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution which transformed Russia into communist totalitarianism. 
The NYT advertisement had direct correlation as well. The New York Times full page ad was put out by Refuse Fascism, a front group supported by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom). Refuse Fascism sprang up since President Trump was first elected. 
Although many have expressed a desire to counteract these demonstrators, the end result of violence only pushes ahead the agenda to nationalize the police force. As Mr. Thompson states in his weekly video, this is how the riots began in the late 1960s: with a small movement that grew larger. Are we witnessing the same today? Get involved with supporting your local police by contacting your JBS coordinator to get started today! 
Image from Wikimedia Commons by Mobilus In Mobili, CC BY-SA 4.0