Three Essential Steps to Stopping Article V Convention Applications

Written by  Monday, 13 November 2017 21:36

With the increasing popularity of state legislatures calling for an Article V Convention, concerned Americans looking to protect the Constitution must swing into action.

The two main groups promoting this potentially dangerous method are the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force and the Convention of States. Historically, The John Birch Society and Eagle Forum have been the largest opponents to these conventions, successfully defeating their efforts since the 1980s. Constitutional Convention calls have come from a variety of sources with the COS being the most recent.
The Convention of States has poured millions of dollars into promoting this, but they have been soundly beaten by our organization on a shoestring budget. Yet, they continue to pick up one to two states and have accumulated a paltry 12 states in its four years (34 needed for Congress to call for a convention).
The BBA Task Force is much further ahead. They have recently added Wisconsin to its list now totaling 28.
1. Educate Yourself
So what’s wrong with holding a convention or amending the Constitution to require a balanced budget? Plenty, we recommend taking a few minutes to watch the following videos:
So, how can we stop this movement in its tracks? 
2. Join the Opposition
Obviously, we must protect the states that have been targeted by these movements. States targeted by BBA supporters are Minnesota, Maine, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. If you live in anyone of these states, get in contact with your local coordinator for a plan to influence those in your state Senate. Ever heard of the power of 500? This is a great way a group of people can work in accordance with one another to make big changes! 
What else can we do? 
3. Rescind the Article V Applications
In order to roll back those state applications, those that have called for a convention should start the process of rescinding them. Our Stop A Con-Con page has a model resolution that legislators can use to begin the rescinding process.
How do I find out where my state stands on this issue? 
Start with looking at our BBA Con-Con Status map to see the recommended action for your state. 
For more than two hundred years, the U.S. Constitution has protected the liberties of American citizens. Now it’s not the time to change the Constitution; it’s time to obey it! Doing so will cut the size and cost of our federal government by 80%! Now is your time to get involved!

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