Constitutional Convention Rejected in Idaho!

Written by  Monday, 12 February 2018 20:38

This past Friday morning, the Idaho House State Affairs Committee rejected its constitutional convention application! By a vote of 10-5, committee members blocked HCR032 and interrupted efforts by the Convention of States (COS) activists to bring about a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution.

A huge shout out goes to all of those who helped win this battle! Headed by John Birch Society members, as well as contributions from various other Idaho groups such as the United Vision for Idaho and IIIPercent Idaho, the successful group was able to celebrate their victory after a long fought battle. According to Tom Munds, JBS field coordinator,   
Our members are buzzing with victory. Calls are flooding my cell phone with screams of VICTORY and I personally have had streams of intermittent tears of joy in our victory. 
…How can we, a small organization overcome a Goliath of boundless funding? The way we always have! People today are standing in awe of how we, the JBS, ‘that don’t do anything’ can overcome such odds and until they become members, will never know. 
According to Mr. Munds, Idaho members positively embraced the challenge of educating others. By launching email campaigns, utilizing social media and text messages, and using boots on the ground efforts, they were able to distribute JBS literature to the right people at the right time. Regional Field Director Bliss Tew noted that coordinated organization was the key to victory. 
With COS Mark Meckler addressing the Idaho legislators, Idaho State Representative Dorothy Moon brought in The John Birch Society’s constitutional speaker Robert Brown to present “Rein in Big Government with Article VI Not V”. The Constitutional knowledge shared was seen throughout the hearing for HCR032. 
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At the hearing Tom Loertscher (R-Iona), the bill’s sponsor, argued that states don’t have the power to prevent federal overreach. He tried to make his point heard by using the U.S. Constitution as a prop and arguing that state legislators still have the inspiration that the founding fathers had. But as you know, states currently do have the power to prevent federal overreach through nullification! And the problem isn’t the Constitution; it is the federal and state officials that are not abiding by the U.S. Constitution in place. Rep. Barbieri made the statement that the court would continue to disregard the rules even if they were rewritten. His testimony surprised Mr. Munds: 
Rep. Barbieri, an older legislator shocked me with a testimony that sounded like one of the Founders speaking about states’ rights, leading the nullification charge, speaking about the 9th and 10th amendments and the fact that the state already possessed the power!
This support and understanding must continue if we are to win this battle and protect the U.S. Constitution from a constitutional convention. Mr. Munds was most excited to share that having COS there actually helped our cause: 
The biggest testimony that benefitted our side, in that it was clear to most of the committee, We in opposition to the bill held the intellectual highground. They [COS supporters] instead used more passion rather than intellect, somewhat like the left, to make their plea. They seemed inconsistent, lacked many answers and were cornered at every turn. 
According to the Idaho Statesman, Idaho Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett) stated in the hearing, “The power of the people is in the power of the vote, not in changing the Constitution.” And we agree completely! It is time to bring back the power to the people by educating the electorate and holding our elected officials accountable to their oath to the Constitution. 
Let’s propel this victory into the next one! Take a look at the status map to know where your state is at, reject additional Con-Con applications, and repeal current applications! 

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