Poland's "Go Against the Tide" Organization

Written by  Art Thompson Wednesday, 07 March 2018 21:43

The John Birch Society was founded by Mr. Robert Welch to preserve the independence of the American people and the Constitution. Part of this mission was to expose the people behind the movement to destroy our Constitution, naming names, with the communists only playing a part in this role.

The Constitution is the law of the land and the oath of office taken by an individual to hold government and military positions state that the office holder will protect the Constitution from all enemies: foreign and domestic. We are taught who the foreign enemies are but never the domestic enemies. The John Birch Society identifies who they are and the enemies of freedom do not like this. They hate exposure.
The JBS was never going to limit our scope to the United States. Mr. Welch always wanted to expand our reach around the world to help people understand how to work for freedom by installing limited government in their countries.
This goal has never been reached, although we do have members in several countries. More often than not, these are Americans living abroad, although there are many exceptions.
The election of 2016 was primarily based on the issues that we had been educating Americans about for several years, decades in some instances. Immigration, the borders, the Deep State, so-called free trade, support of our local police, the problems with the United Nations, etc., were issues that the Society was first in the field to expose.
Decades of educational effort culminated in many people jumping on board and it resulted in many good men and women getting elected to Congress.
There are those who believe that the JBS is ineffective because we never spend time and money making noise about ourselves and the work that our members do all over the country. Too many organizations spend most of their time and money telling others how good they are, and they get the media attention. We spend our money on organizing.
Yet, there are those who have noticed. One of them is an organization in Poland, Go Against the Tide, and they are a good example of the inexhaustible flame of freedom alive in Poland.
Most Americans are not familiar with the history of the Polish people. They were one of the most influential countries of Europe at one point and then became a primary target by totalitarian states who do not want to see Poland exist due to their history of tolerance and freedom compared to other European states.
The history of the World War II in regards to Poland is one of betrayal by Russia, England, France and the United States State Department. Throughout the conflict, the Poles fought alongside of the Allies with army units in Italy and air force squadrons in Britain with the promise of full restoration of the Polish borders at war’s end.
Over 4,000 Poles, mainly from the area of Lwow, Poland, died in the Allied battle for Monte Casino in Italy. There is a memorial and the graves of these brave thousands near the battle area.
When the war was over, the half of Poland promised to the Russians by the Hitler-Stalin Pact was then given over to Russia by the Allies. Think of it: the war was started over the integrity of Poland, invaded by Germany and then Russia, and when the war was over, half of Poland was given to Russia along the lines drawn up by Hitler and Stalin.
What was left of Poland fell under communist rule with the help of the U.S. State Department. The best narrative of this betrayal is in the book, I Saw Poland Betrayed, by Arthur Bliss Lane, our former ambassador to Poland.
A little known fact is there was an anti-communist army in the field in Poland for over ten years after the end of the war fighting to keep Poland free. They sought help from America but none came.
The communist rule did not break the back of the Poles, and freedom fighters still exist in Poland. They are trying to wrest their country from the domination of Russia and Germany, along with the European Union. And, communists still hold a great deal of power in Poland, particularly the judges appointed during the communist rule. An important group fighting these problems, Go Against the Tide, invited us to attend their annual conference near Warsaw in 2017. They knew of The John Birch Society and wanted to learn more about how we operate. 
What we saw was a determined group of people who love their country and are seeking ways to build their movement into an irrepressible force. There were about 250 people there, most of them leaders of their more than 200 units, most of them in Poland but also a scattering of Polish immigrants throughout the world. Watching them sing their national anthem is demonstrative of their love of Poland and the determination to stand for freedom.
Their emblem is the feathers that were worn by the Polish cavalry that participated in the liberation of Vienna against the siege by the Turks in 1683. Without the Polish army, Europe at that time would have been overrun by the Muslim Ottoman Empire.
Recently, the leader of Go Against the Tide, Pastor Pawel Chojecki sent us a video of their daily program on the Internet concerning their latest project “Make Poland Great Again.” Their daily program is watched by an average of 30,000 people per day.
We believe that by watching this video, you will come away with a sense of what has been happening in Poland which is quite different than what you have seen in the mainstream media. The last part of the video is the most important. You will also see the divisions that exist in Europe along religious lines. Many Poles distrust the established churches due to their leaderships’ cooperation with the Soviets during the occupation.
In spite of being betrayed more than once by our own government, they still look to the United States as their ally and the means to help them attain their full freedom. The video is embedded here.
In spite of all of the betrayal over the years, the Poles still retain their sense of humor. They have to. They are a delightful people.
The JBS educational outreach is sought by patriots around the world and many realize that we are the premier organization leading the fight for liberty. We will cooperate with them when it is apparent that they are true patriots.

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