President Trump Should Unsign the UN Arms Trade Treaty

Written by  John F. McManus Friday, 09 March 2018 20:03

Disarmament Continues As a United Nations Goal.

It is hardly surprising to discover that the United Nations would like to see all countries and all peoples disarm. All countries? Yes. All peoples? Yes again. The United Nations itself? Not on your life!
The UN has made disarmament one of its main goals for decades. And leaders of the United States have pledged not only to have our nation disarm but also to require that ownership of a weapon by virtually any American person become illegal.
Many liberals, of course, contend that disarming our military and outlawing citizen possession of arms would be wonderful. These non-thinking or truly deceitful traitors create or support any plan calling for turning over military weaponry and privately owned guns to the UN. Such schemes have existed for more than half a century.
The clearest U.S. call for national disarmament and simultaneous empowerment of the UN arose in 1961, when President John Kennedy presented the world body with a document entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. Also known as “Department of State Publication 7277,” this totally subversive plan committed our nation to turning over our military weaponry to the UN and to disarming the American people, whose weapons would be “destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.” The nice-sounding “peaceful purposes” meant delivering all privately owned guns to the United Nations.
President Kennedy actually went to UN headquarters in New York to introduce this comprehensive plan to the General Assembly. He said the goal of the U.S. document was to bring about “a steady reduction in force … until it has abolished all armies and all weapons except those needed for internal order and a United Nations Peace Force.” Picture if you will, without tearing up the pages you are reading, an America disarmed and kept in check by UN “peace keepers patrolling the cities and towns of our nation.” Kennedy meant business, and so did the United Nations officials.
Somehow, Robert Welch obtained a copy of this plan almost immediately. He tasked his assistants with obtaining additional copies from the State Department to send to Society leaders throughout the nation. But soon, the State Department answered requests for more by announcing that it was “out of print.” So, knowing that a government document is not copyrighted, Mr. Welch had more copies printed at JBS expense. Over the years, many tens of thousands have been distributed.
The blatant plan to have our nation and its people disarm while simultaneously building military and police power for the UN hasn’t been implemented. Had there been no John Birch Society, it may well have been carried out and our nation might well have become subjected to blue-helmeted “peace officers” ensuring that the UN’s new world order would not be challenged. Through succeeding years, JBS action (we know of no other national organization helping to counter this subversive plan) has kept advocates of disarmament — within our government and at the UN — from actually creating the power to build an unchallengeable UN-led world government. The disarmament planners have been forced to abandon the 1961 Freedom From War plan and produce a far less — but still dangerous — piece-by-piece method of reaching their goal.
The Current Threat
Yes, we John Birchers can take a bow for past success in keeping the disarmament plan in “Department of State Publication 7277” from being carried out. But the enemy never sleeps. Newer steps toward reaching these disarmament goals more slowly continue to be created. Plans for incremental advances toward the overall goal of disarmament of all except the UN are being carried out.
In June, the UN will hold a Review Conference of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects. This program, known as PoA, has accomplished little, but its very existence poses a potential threat to owners of small arms. A December 2017 report issued by the UN Secretary-General on Small Arms and Light Weapons confirms that this particular disarmament agency intends to exert efforts to keep ammunition out of the hands of gun owners. Also, another goal of the PoA aims at additional ways to mark and track the use of firearms.
One dramatically revealing aspect of PoA activity is that it does not affect China. In short, weapons produced in that country are unmarked and close to impossible to trace when they are used.
Then, in August of this year, the annual Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will be held. Generally considered a useless bureaucratic gathering with little to show for its efforts, complying with ATT has lately become a way to interfere with U.S. imports of parts for guns from India and Europe. American firms are hereby advised to take over manufacturing these parts, some of which have already been prevented from coming to our country.
Our nation will have representatives at these and other UN conferences dealing with weapons and their uses. One very positive step toward letting the UN and the haters of private ownership of weapons know that Americans don’t intend to surrender the God-given right to be armed is to ask President Trump to remove the United States from having anything to do with the Arms Trade Treaty.
Although our nation has not ratified this UN treaty, President Obama did sign it on behalf of the United States in 2013. So even though the ATT has never come close to being considered for ratification by the U.S. Senate, the United States is still considered a “signatory” to the ATT treaty by the UN. And, Article 18 of the Vienna Convention obligates a signer of a UN treaty “to refrain from acts which would defeat the object and purpose of [such] a treaty.”
However, a burst of simple phone calls to the White House asking the president to unsign the ATT could be successful. After all, Trump already has a track record of withdrawing our nation from UNESCO and the UN Global Compact on Migration in 2017, as well as announcing his intention to remove our nation from the UN Paris Climate Agreement in 2020.
Congratulations to all who in the 1960s helped expose JFK’s absolutely frightening disarmament scheme. Now let’s all work to have President Trump take America completely out of the Arms Trade Treaty.
Overall, the drive to disarm the United States while creating the UN’s own military force continues. Stepped-up activity from JBS members and others calling for passage of H.R. 193, therefore, is very important. This year every House seat is up for election. All politicians listen to voters more intently during an election year. Each should be asked — again and again — to back H.R. 193, which calls for our nation to withdraw from the UN.
Since no measure similar to H.R. 193 has been introduced in the Senate, please send messages seeking a companion bill to H.R. 193 to your two senators, especially any seeking reelection this year.
Phone (202-456-1111) and email President Trump requesting that he remove the U.S. from the list of signatories of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. (Copies of the email to President Trump will be automatically sent to your representative and senators.)
Phone your representative (202-225-3121) and senators (202-224-3121) urging them to support H.R. 193 to Get US Out! of the UN. Get others to do likewise.
(This article was originally published in the April 2018 JBS Bulletin.)
(Click here to learn more about the twisted gun barrel sculpture outside UN headquarters in New York.)

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