The Solution to Big Government!

Written by  Monday, 02 April 2018 20:04

Big government can be suffocating: With unwarranted taxes, fraudulent surveillance, federal laws and regulations, deceitful politicians, outrageous spending, and the dictation of healthcare, education, and the environment, it’s only natural to need to come up for some air. And many start to look at the situation without hope. But you’re not alone in feeling the frustration that nothing you do will make a difference.

We get it. If you’re not seeing results, why continue to work so hard? 
That’s why we found it perfectly fitting to share with you the story of how one John Birch Society member can change a congressional district for the better. 
The First Step is realizing there is a problem with scope of the federal government. The good/bad news is that since our government has grown so big, most everyone realizes this. An essential news source that further expose these problems, The New American, will give you a breath of fresh air in the consistently biased sea of news by showcasing it from a Constitutional standpoint. If someone takes the time to engross themselves in the magazine, they’ll inevitably want to learn more. The John Birch Society has tools no matter what your learning preference, educational books, DVDs, podcasts, pamphlets, and even Kindle downloads. By broadening your understanding of the problem, you’ll come to realize that the end goal is world government and the way the Insiders wish to achieve this is through gradual surrender of our personal rights and national independence. 
The Second Step is reaching out to a local JBS field coordinator. Every one of our coordinators is dedicated to guiding you through your journey and will educate you on the membership process. They are there to answer any questions you may have and help direct you to an existing chapter or even showing you how to start your own JBS chapter. 
Now that someone has made it to this step in the process, they are ready to make a difference. Whether you start off in a chapter or not, in order to keep the growing process moving, eventually you’ll be ready to form your own. This works best if you invite your closest friends and agree to meet once every month. Members will receive the monthly bulletin for a step-by-step action plan for each month. 
The Third Step is hosting your own Chapter Business Meetings with the purpose of carrying out the national, concerted-action JBS Agenda. These are most effective when the chapter organizes who is going to do what between meetings and setting up the process for holding themselves accountable. Having this group follow the same plan as other JBS chapters nationwide will provide the opportunity to see big results and also provide the opportunity to celebrate the small successes along the way. 
If you continue encouraging others and further develop yourself, before you know it someone in your chapter will be ready to start their own chapter. And by continuously recruiting and working in a concerted fashion, your group will begin to form relationships with your elected officials. The key tool for holding your representative and senators in Congress accountable is the “Freedom Index.” The “Freedom Index” is a scorecard based on the U.S. Constitution that can be used to track how well elected officials are voting in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. 
The Fourth Step is influencing community opinion molders and leaders with the ultimate goal of educating the electorate. With the chapters that you’ve built up and the higher standard of voting constitutionally that you’ve requested, those running for office should be more willing to discuss the harder topics if they want to be elected. They have to know that the community will be tracking how they vote and will fire them if they don’t do their job correctly. 
With enough effort, your congressional district can be transformed into a constitutionally educated powerhouse! The great thing about “Birching” is the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. In our JBS member section at, we have a “Volunteer Leaders Accelerated Performance Series.” We challenge you to move your chapter from Basic Performance to Successful Performance and ultimately to Top Performance. 
So there you have it four simple, yet crucial steps to create change and bring back hope to America! Together we can grow in size and influence! Let’s get started today! Which step in the process are you? 
“The hopeless won’t even try. When you realize you can do something, you have hope, and action follows hope.” –Zig Ziglar 
Image from pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons. 

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