Nebraska Stopped Con-Con Application!

Written by  Monday, 09 April 2018 19:49

The John Birch Society has been dominating in the area of preserving the U.S. Constitution! State after state, America has been proving that it is not the Constitution that is the problem; it is the politicians who are not abiding by it. The latest state to join the list of successes is Nebraska. The Nebraska Legislature Bill 1058, which was titled the “Adopt the Faithful Delegate to federal Article V Convention Act,” failed on April 5, 2018, in effect halting Con-Con proposals, such as LR6 (a COS Con-Con application) in Nebraska for this year.

With Nebraska being a unicameral (one house) legislative body, it was imperative that the bill was stopped because if the proposal had been passed in the Senate, there was no second legislative body that could have voted it down. And JBS activists made sure it was thwarted. 
This achievement builds on past Constitutional victories and will not pass by unnoticed! We are pleased to share that Nebraska is added to the list of states that have already rejected a Constitutional Convention proposal this year. The complete list is below: 
JBS Defeated/Stopped Con-Con Victories (2018)  


Wolf PAC:

Other Types: 

Idaho Virginia Washington Wyoming    
Washington Washington Maine Indiana    
South Dakota Maine West Virginia        New Hampsire    
South Carolina West Virginia        Wisconsin Maine    
New Hampshire        Kentucky Maryland  Georgia    
While we'd love to celebrate, let's use this momentum in other states to stop these calls, especially in Iowa and Minnesota. Share these victories with your state legislatures. It is because of YOU the Constitution is still standing. Many small victories can add up to large ones, as seen with this drive to stop an Article V constitutional convention. 
By using Article VI not V, we can be on the offense as well as the defense. We the People already have the power to create an informed electorate. By using materials and tools put together by The John Birch Society, awakening a sleeping public is possible. Education is the key to bringing back the constitutional Republic that our founders envisioned. The undertaking has always been difficult, but it is necessary in order to protect American liberty and independence. 

Robert Welch, The John Birch Society’s founder, stated in the Blue Book
All we must find and build and use, to win, is sufficient understanding. Let’s create that understanding and build that resistance, with everything mortal men can put into the effort ─ while there still is time…

This achievement, especially if within the time still left us, before destruction and darkness would make a whole new start necessary, will require colossal amounts of money and of labor. But both are cheaper than blood, and far smaller sacrifices than freedom. We ask for your help ─ in realistic proportion to the size of the job ahead.
We know it’s not easy. The opposition is relentless. Convention of States, the organization heavily promoting an Article V constitutional convention, has a large following and funding. But as JBS has demonstrated time and time again, numbers don’t matter as much as the quality in the numbers. And we are honored to say that our members are of the highest quality! 
Please join us in this endeavor. Together we can use local grassroots activism to preserve our Constitution for years to come! 
Take Action: 
  1. Check where your state stands with our Con-Con BBA Status Map
  2. Contact your state legislatures and let them know of the success in Nebraska. 
  3. Contact your local coordinator for additional ways to help. 
  4. Consider joining The John Birch Society, if you're not yet a member. 
Image from flickr by Nicolas Raymond, CC BY 2.0. 

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