What’s Missing in the Immigration Debate?

Fact: the United States is a sovereign country. A sovereign country has borders. Federal law indicates that noncitizens cannot enter the U.S. without proper documentation. Yet, an estimated 11 to 40 million or so have entered illegally due to lax or improper border enforcement, as well as Congress creating welfare incentives that all but invite illegal aliens. But the media would rather have you focus on family separations, border walls, Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, and asylum claims.

When the Trump administration made the decision to enforce the Obama-era law that separated all children from their parents after illegally crossing the border, the pressure generated by the media and leftist activists was great enough to get the decision reversed with an executive order on June 20th. But that didn’t relieve the pressure. Rather calls to “abolish ICE” got louder with demonstrators confronting politicians, even taking over an ICE office, before being arrested.
What’s missing in this debate is the conspiracy to flood America with enough migrants to change our governmental system from a Constitutional Republic to socialism to Communism. History has shown us that when large migrant waves are introduced into a country, the electorate changes, society changes, and then government changes.
Globalists are doing all they can to flood America with migrants. Not to mention creating as many entangling alliances as it takes to surrender our sovereignty and get us to look to government (unconstitutional of course) for the answer, usually to problems they are creating!
But the media won’t report this side to the story. Many in the media would much rather have open borders, much like the globalists have created in the EU. The formerly independent countries that make up the EU are now feeling these open border effects, with Poland recently defying them saying that not one refugee has been allowed to set foot into it.
So as we reflect on what it means to be an American, let us not forget that we have legal means for immigrants to become citizens, to integrate into our communities, and to educate their children on the principles of our special American system. 
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