Who's Behind A Constitutional Convention?

Written by  Friday, 31 August 2018 18:55

Just in time for the 2019 state legislative sessions, The New American has published an article exposing globalist connections behind the push for a Constitutional Convention.

The September 3, 2018 issue aptly titled, "Who’s Behind a Constitutional Convention," is now available in print and digital. You can also read the article in its entirety at TheNewAmerican.com.
C. Mitchell Shaw has uncovered connections to the Council on Foreign Relations and other Deep State operatives. Here are some key passages:
While the constitutional convention crowd claims that theirs is a grassroots movement to rein in the federal government, the rosters of their leadership are swollen with government insiders, globalists, and operatives of the Deep State. A group less likely to want to rein in the federal government would be difficult to find.
As part of its globalist agenda, the CFR has long favored the idea of rewriting the Constitution by way of a convention. As The New American’s Gary Benoit wrote in an article entitled “Bicentennial Plot” for an issue of this magazine in 1986 (and later made available online), CFR member Zbigniew Brzezinski made the goal of a modern-day constitutional convention very clear:
In his 1970 book Between Two Ages, Council on Foreign Relations member Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor in the Carter Administration) discussed the potential for using a convention to bring about change. “The approaching two-hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence,” he stated, “could justify the call for a national constitutional convention to reexamine the nation’s formal institutional framework. Either 1976 or 1989 — the two-hundredth anniversary of the Constitution — could serve as a suitable target date.”
CFR members in public office have spent their careers undermining the Constitution — further growing the size and scope of the out-of-control problem those advocating for a constitutional convention claim they want to solve. But the people who got America into this mess are not the ones to trust to get us out of it. And the plan they have had all along to “reexamine the nation’s formal institutional framework” by bringing about “a national constitutional convention” should be seen for what it is: a manipulative, dishonest ploy authored by conspirators hell-bent on altering the United States by changing — or replacing — the Constitution.
... on August 9, the New York Times republished an article from the leftist Jacobin entitled “Think the Constitution Will Save Us? Think Again,” openly calling for a replacement for the Constitution. Make no mistake: If the efforts by “conservative” groups such as BBA Task Force, BBA Foundation, and Convention of States lead America to a constitutional convention, the Left will be there and will be prepared to introduce their own new constitution. In the final summary, the “Article V Convention” movement, while pretending to be both grassroots and pro-Constitution, is neither. Built on subterfuge, secretly funded, and powered by slick, expensive campaigns, the push for a constitutional convention is just another con job by the one-world-government crowd to strip the United States of the liberty protected by the Constitution by opening the document up to either one major change or a series of smaller changes.
Patriotic Americans owe it to themselves, their country, and future generations to reject the plans of the Insider/Internationalist/Big Government/Deep State/Globalist types and demand that the Constitution be enforced, not changed.
A research staff member was digging through the archives last week and uncovered a letter written on April 24, 1967 that we think fits very well in with what Mr. Shaw exposed. It was written by a staff member in our San Marino office. We don’t know who it was sent to or intended to be sent to, but it does list a carbon copy of it going to another staff member at that time. The letter is a reply to someone discussing a Constitutional Convention.
The fourth and fifth paragraphs read: 
These are important matters, fundamental in nature, and of concern to all of us. But with conditions as they are today, do you believe that a Constitutional Convention — even if it could be organized — would produce the desired corrections? Frankly, we don't. It's going to take time and a lot of effort to correct these fundamental matters, and they will have to be corrected one at a time. But first, we have a large and immediate problem to solve: the International Communist Conspiracy, which at this very minute is working to capture absolute control of everything that is of political or economic importance in America.
What good will a Constitutional Convention do if this conspiracy is not stopped? And what good will amendments do as long as we have a Justice Department which protects open and blatent (sic) subversion, or as long as we have an Administration that furnishes aid and advantages to our enemies every time it has an opportunity, or as long as we have a Congress that will permit our country to be dragged into the third largest war of our history without even having the guts to exercise its clearly specified responsibilities regarding war, or as long as we have an American public that will sheepishly tolerate all of this nonsense and treason?
We have scanned in this letter in its entirety and make it available as a download for members who can use it when they find it helpful.
As defenders of the U.S. Constitution, The John Birch Society and other concerned activists have prevented many attempts to open up the Constitution for possible rewrite. This year alone we stopped 28 constitutional convention proposals! With that amount of success, we can bet that we will see a little push-back from the other side.
We will soon have reprints of Mr. Shaw’s article available, so we recommend that you purchase those in bulk as you get geared up for the 2019 legislative session. A big focus this year is on rescissions in those states that have already passed one or more Con-Con applications. It’s the perfect time to do so as the other side is up against the ropes! Let’s use this momentum to knock them out of the ring!

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