Being a Leader in the Freedom Movement

Written by  Monday, 24 September 2018 18:51

Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a silver bullet that America could use to restore what the Founding Fathers envisioned? No more Big Government, no more corrupt politicians, no more national debts, no more high taxes, etc. Unfortunately, that is not the case and no such bullet exists. The solution always has been properly educated voters, because even if Washington was fixed today, voters would continue to send people to Congress based on their lack of understanding of the Constitution and our system of government.

We cannot avoid the fact that without educated communities and electorates no solution would be sustainable in the long run. That’s why The John Birch Society is a key leader in educating the populace on moral and constitutional principles – in order to make a lasting difference! 
How do we accomplish this overwhelming feat? By implementing concerted action on specific topics at the same time all across the country, we make the biggest difference. Think of our chapters as mini bee colonies all with the same mission, using education as our strategy and truth as our weapon. Chapters all across the country, and beyond, are paving the way for the freedom movement by working on the JBS Agenda projects together. Because many hands make light work, every little bit helps. 
This is where we get to brag a bit about our educational efforts. The difference that even a couple of months can bring about is tremendous. August and September 2018 overflowed with activity as our chapters made terrific strides in their communities. Following are just a couple of examples among many more that could be given. 
From one of our hard-working Chapters in Texas comes a report that Constitution Day was a great opportunity to distribute 1,000 copies of our pocket Constitutions to local high school students. In addition, they also bought two cases of EACH of the Deep State Special Reports for further distribution into their neighborhoods. And to show our plan of attack to solve the Big Government crisis on display in DC, they also ordered 100 of the Founders’ Solution to Big Government: Article VI booklets. Then recognizing that they still had some gas left in the tank, they are in the midst of planning and holding a series of The Constitution Is the Solution Workshops! 
JBS’s influence is also alive on the east coast, making lasting impressions. One ambitious chapter in New Jersey participated in two county fairs in the month of August and also had a table at two street fairs. Spreading brand awareness and reaching key influential community members, their progress was worth the effort. September 17, Constitution Day gave the Chapter another opportunity gain new prospects through a public video presentation. 
We thank them for their excellent efforts and offer them as examples of thriving Chapters that get engaged in the community and take seriously their responsibility to help educate the electorate. How about you? Does your community know you’re open for business? 
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