The John Birch Society: 60 Years and Counting

Written by  Monday, 01 October 2018 20:25

A lot has happened since Robert Welch established The John Birch Society in 1958. Long-term members know for a fact that if The John Birch Society hadn’t stood its ground for 60 years, the United States would be much different today. Time and time again we put a wrench in the globalists’ plans through the educational efforts of wonderful members, field staff, and supporters!

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating 60 successful years and looking ahead to 60 more! These 10 reasons have made it possible: 
Ten Reasons The John Birch Society Has Lasted 60 Years 
1. The inspiration from John Birch’s life
John Birch always stood up for what he believed in. As a devoted Christian missionary who served in World War II, he continuously stayed humble. During the war, John unceasingly put his life on the line, volunteering to help on spy missions, and rescue American pilots. By being brutally murdered by Chinese communists after the war was over, his story has motivated and inspired millions to sacrifice for their country. 
2. Robert Welch’s vision and determination to start JBS
Recognizing that the U.S. Constitution and the Republic it created were under attack, Mr. Welch saw the need to effectively battle those who threaten individual freedom. Rather than enjoy leisure time, he went out on a limb to create an organization that combated the evil forces that threaten our country, freedom, and lives. 
3. The sacrifice by the founding members
Mr. Welch knew that he could not accomplish this great feat alone. So as recorded in The Blue Book of The John Birch Society, on December 8-9, 1958 eleven influential men from all over the U.S. met at a private home in Indianapolis where they listened to his two-day presentation of how to save our freedom through establishing The John Birch Society. Out of the eleven men, eight became early members of the JBS, and later they became members of the National Council. Their determination and leadership paved the way for future success. 
4. Dynamic personal leadership
Leaders know that we can accomplish more by working together as a team than individually. Since 1958, our JBS leaders have stepped up to rally the troops by forming chapters, realizing and honing individuals’ talents, growing JBS in new areas, and multiplying The John Birch Society’s membership and influence. This is seen through our National Council members as well as down the line through dedicated staff members and volunteer leaders. 
5. Outstanding educational efforts and materials
A solution is only as good as your understanding of the problem. That’s why The John Birch Society has produced books, pamphlets, DVDs, and more to create understanding and to educate the electorate. Not only has our literature reached millions across the U.S., our videos have had an outstanding impact. Our Speaker’s Bureau, Freedom’s Voices has educated key opinion molders, making a lasting difference in America. 
6. Our wonderful members
Members are the core of The John Birch Society; their hard work and diligence may go unnoticed to many but it has made a colossal impact since JBS started in 1958. For 60 years, JBS Membership has distributed over one billion pieces of literature and reached millions of people. These American patriots are instrumental in stopping the conspiracy. Thank you! 
7. The New American magazine’s vital content
The New American magazine’s print and online content works to probe deeper into the real story behind the headlines. It covers the important job of restoring and retaining the values and vision that make America great – limited government under the Constitution, protecting those freedoms it guarantees, and the personal responsibility for a free people to stay free. For over 30 years, it has educated America! 
8. Our generous donors
The John Birch Society depends on the kindness and generosity of donors to maintain the financial health of our organization. Over the past 60 years, we have received bountiful amounts of help in whatever way possible. We are indebted to all of those kindhearted enough to donate their time, money, and even old libraries. 
9. Best field staff we could ask for
The field staff is the organizational backbone of our educational army. They handle the organizational mechanics of the Society, help form new chapters, and recruit and train volunteer leaders. You’ll see them driving to new cities, meeting new people, and coming up with new creative ways to promote the Society. 
10. An unwavering mission to save our Republic
The John Birch Society’s mission has always been to bring about less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles. This unwavering undertaking has kept JBS alive for over 60 years! We look forward to the restoration of our freedoms that the next 60 years will bring. 

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