Cast an Informed Ballot Tuesday!

Written by  Monday, 05 November 2018 17:21

Mailboxes have been filled with ad campaigns, phones have been ringing off the hook, and Americans' TVs have been flooded with political advertisements. What for? The midterm congressional, state, and local elections of course! Those who want to influence the outcome of the election in order to bring about bigger government have been doing everything in their power to increase voter turnout. But are the masses the best way to bring about an educated electorate?

Those of you who have been involved in The John Birch Society know that the quantity in voters is not the answer, but the quality in voters. That’s why we encourage people to cast an informed ballot — not to rely on campaign rhetoric. We’re in the line of improving governance and preserving our Constitutional Republic. Voting is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. Those who are uninformed can easily be misguided into voting away their freedoms without even realizing it. 
In our own America too many low informed voters are being manipulated into supporting government-provided housing, education, healthcare, and more. America must know that the largest promises by the government are taken from the American people to begin with. Big government, as Ronald Reagan has stated, always continues to take away liberty: 
I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.
It’s time to challenge America to become better informed before voting. In recent decades, Americans have experienced an erosion of their rights: the right to free speech, the right to life, freedom to own property, freedom of religion, and others. All the while government has increased. And these God-given rights will continue to diminish unless the Deep State globalist conspiracy is exposed. The John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson recently finished a book, “In the Shadows of the Deep State: A Century of Council on Foreign Relations Scheming for World Government” (Available for purchase soon!) revealing those who work behind the scenes to diminish American liberties: 
The reality is that the Deep State –the shadow government and powerful globalist forces behind the visible government that are unaccountable to the American people –wields great power over the American political system and “transcends party lines,” Thompson says.
The New American writer Troy Anderson digs deeper into this topic in the 10/22/18 issue of TNA in his article, “Will Democrats Win and Take Down our Culture?” So this Election Day, we urge you to cast an informed ballot and encourage others to do the same. Too often Americans see the battle as Republican vs. Democrat but in reality it is liberty vs. tyranny and freedom vs. suppression. Be an educated voter and expose the conspiracy with others! The future of America depends on it! 
Take Action: 
  1. Research those who will be on your ballot: national, state, and local. Find out if they stand for larger or smaller government. 
  2. November 6th: Make an educated vote! 
  3. Continue the process by exposing the Deep State’s plot to bring about world government. Use The New American’s Deep State issues (Deep State and Deep State in Action) to bring the topic up. 
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