Prepare for Con-Con Rescissions!

Written by  Monday, 19 November 2018 20:08

Since 1787, the U.S. Constitution has protected our God-given individual freedoms, such as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to a fair trial, freedom of religion, and provided the fundamentals of the America we love. Unfortunately, there have been many attacks to destroy this document: from inside our own government, outside groups such as the United Nations, and those pushing for a constitutional convention (Con-Con).

The Con-Con promoters are resilient, seem to have unlimited funding, and will do almost anything to gain more supporters. They are deceived into believing that this will rein in the federal government and are only six state applications away from making it a reality. This past year though has provided an opportunity to slow this agenda as all of the new applications from the Convention of States Project, WolfPAC, and the BBA Task Force were stopped. Now it’s time to go on the offense! 
With 2019 around the corner, let’s turn the tide and work on rescissions! A great example state was Nevada in April of this year where both Democrats and Republicans in both chambers voted unanimously on rescinding all previous resolutions to call for a constitutional convention. It is possible! National Field Director, Chris Stevens gives hope to this undertaking in the November 2018 JBS bulletin: 
In order to bring about a rescission in your state (or prevent Con-Con applications from passing you don’t have to have unanimity, but you must win a majority of state legislators to our position. The game plan for doing so is laid out in the Stop a Con-Con Action & Leadership Handbook (available from your Coordinator)
With the new legislative session ahead of us, re-establish a relationship with your legislators to begin educating them before the 2019 session. Help them understand that an Article V convention would unleash the inherent power to abolish or alter the U.S. Constitution. Tell them that the real reason we have gotten so far off base is the lack of adherence to the Constitution. Solutions such as a Con-Con do not fix the problem, but creating an informed electorate does. Help us restore our Constitutional Republic by preparing for Con-Con recessions in 2019!
Take Action: 
  1. Ask your legislators now to rescind or oppose all Con-Con applications. Keep the relationship strong and use the Con-Con talking points to get your point across.  
  2. Share the article “Save the Constitution by Rescinding Article V Convention Applications” with others to gain momentum. 
  3. Be sure to work with and contact your local coordinator for more ways to protect our Constitutional freedoms. 

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