Rekindle the Passion of Robert Welch

Written by  Kristin Kenowski Wednesday, 19 December 2018 21:37

As the magical, joyful jitter of Christmas Eve sets upon us, we encourage all to remember the reason for the season! The holidays give us a chance to spend time with family, encourage the spirit of generosity, and give us the opportunity to share love and kindness. We get the fortuity to celebrate another year full of freedoms and many blessings. This December, let us also revitalize the man who made The John Birch Society possible. His audacity, passion, and love of country are an inspiration to many.

Well-known for many things, Robert Welch’s life work is most remembered through his dedication to fighting the communist conspiracy. As we well know, the culmination of this conspiracy has been incredibly well-organized, propagandized, financed by billions, and brought on gradually. The Deep State conspirators have taken advantage of the loss of morality in society and with their artistry transformed it to suite their own purposes. Mr. Welch comments on the operation in The Blue Book:
Communism is not like a poison to which you simply find the antidote. Its present power and extensiveness has not been created by some grand formula that swept the world, but by the sum total –by integration, in the mathematical sense –of an almost infinite number of details down well from the Communist point of view. There have been brilliant control and coordination, by central authority, of the efforts of millions of men who have been brought, by one means or another, to dedicate themselves, body and soul, to separate tiny pieces of the job. 
Mr. Welch learned that Communism had to be brought on by terror and maintained that way. But even with all of this knowledge of their intent, he never lost hope. He inspired others to be enlightened and urged them to awaken enough local leaders to slow down this project; which is exactly what The John Birch Society has been doing for 60 years and counting. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Welch knew what must be on our side to succeed:
Truth, reality, human instinct, and the overwhelming weight of human desire are on our side. We have these points in our favor, against a conspiracy which must depend on falsehood, cunning, and terror, utilized by less than five percent of the total population. To feel that we cannot win that struggle is a form of pessimism to which I, for one, shall never yield. 
Now moving forward into 2019, let’s commit to continue Mr. Welch’s work through the education of sleeping apathetic American people. May the reminder of his zeal for defeating communism live on through our desire to defeat this menace and reverse their progress. Help us to continue to share The John Birch Society’s educational tools and The New American’s truthful reporting. And most importantly work in unison to bring about less government, more responsibility, –and with God’s help –a better world! 
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! 

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