Best of 2018: Globalism Rejection

Written by  Kristin Kenowski Monday, 31 December 2018 14:45

With resilient local grassroots activism and unwavering determination The John Birch Society members and supporters have accomplished so much to be proud of in 2018! Our Article VI Not V action project helped stop nearly ALL of the constitutional convention applications including the Convention of States applications. The United Nations took a hit as the United States withdrew from sectors of the organization. Plus, awareness of the dangers and implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) have spread.

Con-Con Victories
Idaho, Washington, South Dakota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska … the list of states that rejected a constitutional convention seemed never ending in 2018! How were we so effective? Educational tools were directly distributed to state legislatures, Birchers swarmed the town meetings, and Robert Brown continued to speak through our Speakers Bureau on the topic of “Rein in Big Government with Article VI, not V.” The desire to preserve our Constitutional Republic was revealed with all of the successes! 

For 2019, let’s use this momentum to go on the offense! A perfect video you can start sharing right now is, “Protecting Our Constitution: How State Legislators Can Interpose,” where Idaho State Representative Dorothy Moon describes reckless and dishonest efforts used by the opposing side. Another great tool to use is the state legislator packets. This can be used to share with your state legislator so that they can have a better understanding about our form of government and their role in it. 

United Nations Rejection 
This year was a breath of fresh air as President Trump made a speech at the United Nations in front of the entire world stating that the United States rejects the idea of globalism and aims to put America First. Keeping true to his word, the Trump administration ended U.S. participation in the Global Compact on Migration and pulled out of UNESCO. The United States rejected globalism again by withdrawing from the hypocritical United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Plus funding for the UN’s budget was slashed and the U.S. intends to withdraw from the UN Paris Climate Agreement. 
But we can’t stop there! The United Nations original ostensive was to create international peace and safety but it has spiraled out of control, revealing its true colors. It is now setting up to be the leading force in a one-world government. We must continue exposing its climate-change fear mongering tactics, political biases, mass migration proposals, and many other scandals. Let’s create enough pressure that the Trump administration will want to withdraw from the United Nations altogether in 2019! 
Get US Out! of NAFTA
Resistance against the NAFTA has grown over the past year; however the new deal, the USMCA is the next global step towards an EU-style North American Union. This agreement is strikingly similar to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which the Trump administration opted out of because of its backing by special interests. It has also been supported and promoted by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and chairman of the CFR, Richard Haass has labeled it as “NAFTA plus 10-20%.”
This coming year it is imperative that we educate the American people about the dangers of the USMCA. We can only guess what the ramifications of the agreement will bring by tying the U.S., Mexico, and Canada under one roof. Start contacting your congressmen, sending letters to the editor, calling into local talk shows, and sharing our newest literature. Force those in power to take a stand for or against it. An excellent tool to share, “USMCA: A TPP Redux?” is available as a pdf (free or in print). And be sure to take advantage of reading CEO Art Thompson’s brand new book, “In the Shadows of the Deep State” to learn how this agenda can be stopped.
Now with 2018 behind us, we move forward with hope! For the Con-Con fight we need to go on the offense and launch a rescission movement. To keep America sovereign we must end our participation in the United Nations and prevent the USMCA from being implemented. Remember to use education as our strategy and truth as our weapon. We thank you all greatly for your hard work and dedication throughout this year and look forward to working closely with you next year! 

Image from pixabay by BiljaST CC0 Creative Commons. 

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