A Deeper Agenda Inside Public Schools

Written by  Kristin Kenowski Monday, 28 January 2019 17:46

Out of the 117 men who signed the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation, only one in four went to college. Yet, they still had the fortitude and knowledge to form our great constitutional Republic! How were they able to exemplify quality intelligence without government schooling? How have we gotten so far off track since the founding fathers signed these great documents and solidified our aspiration for a free and prosperous nation?

Times have changed drastically since then: the bad news is that many Americans have been deceived into believing that the government wants the best for your child. Behind closed doors the United Nations has been planning the future of your children by gradually turning "education" on its head and transforming it into a political playground for the Deep State advocates to dictate every aspect of your children's life.

To tackle this problem, The New American magazine put out a Special Report on Education, “Rescuing Our Children.” New American writers Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, and Israel Wayne highlight the extreme indoctrination that is taking place in public schools, the United Nation’s plan to globalize education, and what parents need to do in order to protect their children and ensure liberty and freedom live on.

Our goal is to get this issue into as many hands as possible. Help us return to classical education that is not dictated by Common Core standards, tainted with politically correct jargon, and where moral instruction is the center of learning. First, read the Special Issue yourself. Then pass it along to state and local officials, legislators, educators, and community leaders. (It is available both print and digital: get them in bulk for the best deals!)

However, if no action is taken, the inevitable future of America is not focused on traditional academic subjects but rather a World Core Curriculum that fits the United Nation’s needs. Alex Newman reports on this in the Special Report on Education:

The UN has decreed that it will decide what children learn and what values they should have. UN leaders have boasted that children’s behavior, attitudes, beliefs, views, and even “spirituality” will be shaped by global programs. And incredibly,national governments have gone along with it.

If current trends continue, the future of U.S. education is globalization andindoctrination –on steroids.

As Mr. Newman and Dr. Duke Pesta ask in the issue, “Would you send your child into a building knowing that it was on fire?” Utilize this issue today to implement the solutions in order to save liberty, America, and Western Christian civilization from utter destruction! Order your copies in bulk today!

Image from flickr by woodleywonderworks, CC BY 2.0.

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