Article V Promoters Threaten Our Constitution

Written by  Kristin Kenowski Monday, 25 March 2019 15:43

The federal government has grown WAY too big: there is no debate there. Nevertheless Convention of States (COS), Wolf PAC, and Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) promoters are working tirelessly on a “solution” that won’t solve anything: an Article V convention, where two-thirds of the states can bring about a convention to propose amendments by applying to Congress to call one. But with politicians not following the Constitution now, why would they follow a revised version? Furthermore, calling for an Article V convention cannot be limited to either a single issue or a few issues. Therefore, this type of convention would have the power to completely rewrite our Constitution, including eliminating constitutional protections for any or all of our God-given rights. 

We encourage all, for the sake of our country, to join the side that has the American people’s best interests in mind: The John Birch Society and its allies. By applying Article VI, not V, we can hold our current officials accountable to their oath and enforce the Constitution as originally intended. But don’t just take our word for it, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and numerous other public figures have warned us about the dangers of an Article V convention, also known as a constitutional convention, or Con-Con for short. In 1979 Barry Goldwater said:
If we hold a constitutional convention, every group in the country –majority, minority, middle-of-the-road, left, right, up, down –is going to get its two bits in and we are going to wind up with a Constitution that will be so far different from the one we have lived under for 200 years that I doubt that the Republic could continue.

In 2014, Justice Antonin Scalia stated: “I certainly would not want a Constitutional Convention. I mean whoa. Who knows what would come out of that?” And in 2017 Ron Paul said: “I’m not opposed to the principle [of an Article V convention], it’s just that the conditions today would present a danger.” Phyllis Schlafly also commented against an Article V convention:
Article V of the Constitution has only 22 words about a convention for proposing amendments, but the most important is the word ‘call.’ Since only Congress can ‘call’ the convention, it means that states have no control over who can be a delegate, who makes the rules, who sets the agenda, or who wields the gavel.

State legislators are constantly under pressure to apply for an Article V convention, let’s make sure they are aware of the dangers of it. An Article V convention has the inherent power to become a “runaway” convention. Take the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as an example. It did not stop at revising the constitution then in effect, the Articles of Confederation, but completely rewrote it and its ratification procedure, going completely beyond the scope of most of the delegates' instructions. 
One can only conclude that an Article V convention today would NOT be limited. Due to our present-day politics, it is highly unlikely that the delegates would be conservative patriots; they would be heavily persuaded and influenced by special interest groups. Think of those who would long to get their hands on the Second Amendment, repeal the Electoral College, and destroy other liberties. Because the sovereign people meeting in an Article V convention would have the power to alter or abolish the current Constitution, including its ratification procedure, our entire Constitution would be up for debate. 
There is no time to waste! Today there are 28 states with “live” BBA convention applications and 14 states that have applied for a COS-type convention. If either of these movements get to 34 states with "live" applications, Congress would be forced to call an Article V convention. We must rescind as many as possible of these to preserve our Constitution and our God-given rights by avoiding an Article V convention! A large-scale grassroots education campaign is absolutely necessary to turn this situation around. Help us enforce the Constitution as originally intended by joining together and taking action today! 
Take Action: 
  1. Watch and share our NEW video, “Article V Convention: Can It Be Limited?” 
  2. Stop All New Article V Convention Applications by calling and emailing your state senator and representative. 
  3. Work directly with your local coordinator for the right steps to take in your state. 

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