Standing for Freedom on Independence Day!

Written by  Kristin Kenowski Monday, 01 July 2019 15:43

In three days, citizens around the U.S. will be supporting their red, white, and blue just in time for Independence Day. The Fourth of July can signify so much to so many Americans. Its most important aspect came on July 4, 1776 when the original 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. It is the day that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming to the world that these 13 United Colonies were free and independent states, and that governments are instituted to secure our God-given, unalienable rights, such as our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, America has turned its back on its history and largely forgotten what the Founding Fathers did to secure American independence. The principles of the Constitution have been ignored, filling our country with socialistic-style policies. With unconstitutional wars, an out-of-control budget, the growing welfare state, sovereignty-destroying trade deals, have we forgotten that we are a Constitutional Republic? Are we going to allow the federal government to expand even more? 
The liberty of Americans is threatened. The foundation of our country is cracked. But we must remember that by limiting the power of the government, people are free to prosper. By keeping responsibility at the forefront of our minds and actions, we can keep America what it was intended to be. Even when the fight seems bleak, we have hope. The John Birch Society stands firm on the foundation of our country and won’t back down. There will always be those fighting to take it all away, but as the late Sam Blumenfield had written, there is always optimism: 

With this powerful liberal elite pushing for government control over every area of our lives, for over 100 years, how have we managed to retain so many of our freedoms … and even exercise the almost lost freedom to homeschool? It’s largely owing to the appetite for freedom still spread by the ringing words of the Declaration of Independence.
That is why we humbly thank the Founding Fathers who gave us the Declaration of Independence. We thank those who remain the beacon of liberty, the defenders of our Constitution, and the activists most desperately needed to protect our freedoms. That’s why for your dedication, in appreciation, we are offering $10 off The New American combo subscription – normally $59, but for this week only it is $49! Renewals and new subscriptions are included. Use code COMBODEAL74 at checkout or call (920) 749-3784 to take advantage of this offer. You’ll be at the forefront of the battle, exploring deeper behind the headlines, keeping in line with other like-minded individuals, and only receiving the reported truth. 

This Fourth of July celebrate all that we’ve worked for! It is people like you that make America what it was intended to be. Have a safe and happy Independence Day, and if you are not yet a member of The John Birch Society, we invite you to join today! 
Image from flickr by DVIDSHUB, kids celebrate freedom, CC BY 2.0.

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