December is a month focused on many holiday traditions, gifts, events, and parties everywhere you turn. But missing from the holiday hustle and bustle is a presidential proclamation that Franklin D. Roosevelt made, recognizing the Bill of Rights. That’s right, on December 15, 1941, Roosevelt designated the day (December 15) as Bill of Rights Day. 

True or False? Our federal government has overstepped its constitutional bounds. If you answered true, we’re starting off on the same page. It has consistently spiraled out of control and will continue to do so unless someone does something about it.

Globalists of the European Union recently released their plan to create a dedicated military out of the armed forces of its member states. In an attempt to confuse the public, it is named the “Permanent Structured Cooperation” (PESCO) on defense. It’s also been dubbed a “Defense Union.” Why should we in the U.S. care? Because this scheme tips the hand of globalists by revealing yet another way how national sovereignty is stripped piece-by-piece.

Recall that last week, we gave you three essential steps to stopping Article V convention applications. This week we have a new tool to help you educate yourself and others. In fact, it’s the release of the second booklet in our Constitutional Principles Series: “What Is A Constitutional Convention?”

With the increasing popularity of state legislatures calling for an Article V Convention, concerned Americans looking to protect the Constitution must swing into action.

Anti-Trump headlines and even a full page New York Times advertisement rallied people to take to the streets this past Saturday, November 4th. In order to trigger mayhem, they called for protests in bigger cities such as Chicago, Seattle, New York City, and more. With protesters motivated to end the “Trump/Pence Regime” by well-organized management, The John Birch Society hoped that no one would add to the violence or get involved. CEO Art Thompson advised people to stay home and be prepared to put out fires.

The CFR isn’t taught in schools; it’s not brought up in the average discussion; and most Americans don’t even know what it stands for. 

United Nations Day is recognized around the globe on October 24. But since the start in 1945, the international organization has led the world into a deception of betterment. To expose the lies and scandals of the United Nations, The John Birch Society has been recognizing Oct. 24 as the “UN Day of Shame.”

Before Trump was even president, he severely criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and said that we need to renegotiate it to make it more favorable to the U.S., or if that can't be done, we should withdraw from it. Now that he is president, he and Congress have the power to end our membership in NAFTA. But instead of withdrawing, the United States is knee-deep in the fourth of seven rounds of renegotiations. 

We are launching perhaps the most important campaign in the history of The John Birch Society, and it might be the toughest we have ever been involved in for two basic reasons we will relate further on — but we can do it!

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