The John Birch Society Agenda

The JBS Agenda details our entire agenda and serves as a reference manual for members. It is our 10-point game plan for securing our God-given freedoms and rights by stopping the globalists’ drive towards a UN world government. In addition, our monthly JBS Bulletin fosters concerted action by our national network of chapters by providing direction to members regarding the latest priorities and specific action requests for the various Agenda items.

Click here for a PDF of the 36-page JBS Agenda booklet.

The JBS Agenda

I.  Recruiting

  1. A.   Why Join JBS
  2. B.   Membership Options
  3. C.   Start a Chapter

II.  Stop the New World Order

  1. A.   Get US Out! of the United Nations
  2. B.   Agenda 21/2030
  3. C.   North American Union
  4. D.   End the Fed
  5. E.   Stop the Globalists’ Trade Agenda

III.  The Constitution

  1. A.   Stop the Con-Con
  2. B.   Abolish Unconstitutional Government
  3. C.   Create an Informed Electorate

IV.  Support Your Local Police

  1. A.   Keep Them Local, Keep Them Independent
  2. B.   What Has Happened?
  3. C.   Action Tools

V.  Rebuild America’s Cultural Base

  1. A.   MOTOREDE

    MOTOREDE stands for the MOvement TO REstore DEcency. Robert Welch started this ad hoc effort back in the 1960s. Back in those days, MOTOREDE took a leading role in fighting organized programs promoting pornography, abortion, and the poisoning of our children from K-12 with what is called sex education. Although our MOTOREDE program has been dormant in recent years, we will, from time to time, ask our members to take actions that promote public morality.

  2. B.   Promote the American Opinion Foundation
  3. C.   FreedomProject Academy

VI.  The New American

  1. A.   About the Magazine
  2. B.   TNA Online
  3. C.   About the Freedom Index
  4. D.   Freedom Index Online


  1. A.   Education
  2. B.   Get Involved
  3. C.   Action Projects

VIII.  Build Your Own Education

  1. A.   Books
  2. B.   DVDs
  3. C.   Training Series

IX.  Pending Legislation

  1. A.   Sign-up for Email Action Alerts
  2. B.   Federal Legislative Action Alerts
  3. C.   State Legislative Action Alerts
  4. D.   Contact Elected Officials

X.  Temporary Agenda

  1. From time to time we include information or recommendations that need temporary attention.

JBS Agenda