Our Founder: Mr. Robert Welch

Robert Welch was a true genius, in every sense of the word. He began reading at age two, tackled algebra at age six, read all nine volumes of John Clark Ridpath's formidable History of the World at age seven, and entered the University of North Carolina at age 12, graduating at 16.

He was a true "Renaissance Man," a world traveler, conversant in several languages, and an avid lifelong student of history, language, philosophy, economics, mathematics, science, geography, chess, poetry, classical literature, politics and other subjects.

Our Namesake: Capt. John Birch

John Birch was a courageous Baptist missionary who went to China in 1940. When Colonel Jimmy Doolittle led the famous World War II bombing raid on Tokyo, John was brought to the survivors and he helped them to safety, then volunteered, creating an intelligence network that saved countless American lives.

He earned the rank of Captain in the 14th Air Force, as well as numerous commendations, including the Legion of Merit. Ten days after the war officially ended, Captain Birch was brutally killed by Chinese Communists. Mr. Welch discovered that the U.S. government had covered up Birch's death and was so impressed by his ideals and his character that he requested permission of George and Ethel Birch (John's parents) to place John's name on the organization he was going to create. They agreed and immediately became Life members.

Our National Leadership

Our National Council is made up of distinguished JBS members. They serve to show the caliber of membership, give advice to the CEO, and name a successor. From our headquarters in Appleton, Wis., the CEO leads the organization working with staff and volunteer leaders across the country. Unique to our organization, we have a paid Field Staff that organizes volunteer leaders into member chapters.

Burning in the heart of every one of our leaders is a desire to carry on the mission of our organization, protecting American ideals, constitutional principles, and God-given freedoms. America now needs its experienced patriots to stand up and lead. If you have a desire to lead, contact your local Field Staff Coordinator to discuss immediate opportunities in your area.