Danger Overlooked When U.S. Entered the United Nations.

President Obama is pushing two trade pacts leading to economic and political integration of the United States with the European Union and Pacific Rim nations.

The U.S. voted for the UN Arms Trade Treaty in the General Assembly; will the Senate ratify it?

On April 11 the Senate voted 68-31 to head off a filibuster and move forward on a gun control bill.

The new amnesty and guest worker bills would help establish the North American Union.

Five new bills in Congress threaten an unconstitutional federal power grab over elections.

The Obama administration is asking Congress for fast-track authority to negotiate new trade pacts.

The Obama administration is moving our nation towards world government via trade pacts.

By a vote of 72-20, the Oklahoma state House of Representatives passed a bill that would stop ObamaCare from being enforced in the Sooner State.

Contact your state legislators in support of a right to bear arms bill to counteract Obama's gun controls.

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