Lloyd Bailey 1

Lloyd Bailey

Council Member

Lloyd W. Bailey, M.D. was appointed to the JBS Council in 2008. He received his B.S. degree from Wake Forest College in 1949, his M.D. degree from Jefferson Medical College in 1953 and completed his ophthalmology training and residency at the University of Pennsylvania and Wills Eye Hospital. As a committed opponent of socialized medicine, he never accepted payment from government for medical services and always treated those in need without charge.

Joining The John Birch Society and becoming a lifetime member in 1961, he later was a substitute chapter leader and chairman of the TRIM (Tax Reform Immediately) and Support Your Local Police committees.

In 1968, he drew national attention as a Republican elector when he voted independently rather than for the Republican ticket, which was permitted by North Carolina law at that time. His vote was upheld after its legality was debated by both houses of Congress and he testified to defend the Electoral College as conceived by our founding fathers. A lesson his children learned early was that the corrupting influence of government contaminates everything within its reach.

He has a son who is a chapter leader, two daughters and a grandson. He and his wife, Sarah, reside in Rocky Mount and Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

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