The John Birch Society to Attend Western Conservative Summit 2017: Booth 621



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 The John Birch Society to Attend Western Conservative Summit 2017: Booth 621


 APPLETON, WIS. — JUNE 22, 2017 —The John Birch Society (JBS) will be attending the Western Conservative Summit from July 21-23, held in Denver. Staff and members will be present with materials on the Society's top three action projects at booth 621. Visitors will be able to sign up for a free trial subscription to "The New American," while also picking up educational tools outlining how to protect and preserve American independence and restore constitutional limitations.


 These projects, including "Get US Out! Of NAFTA," "Support Your Local Police," and "Choose Freedom -- Stop a Constitutional Convention," specifically targeting threats to American sovereignty and liberties, are designed to engage concerned Americans and getting them involved.


 The John Birch Society will also have a workshop with Robert Brown, a constitutional scholar and author of "The Constitution is the Solution" DVD Series. He has testified against Constitutional Conventions at many state legislative hearings across the country.


 Brown will be leading the on-site workshop, "Reign in Big Government With Article VI, Not V." He'll explain the founders intent of how an out-of-control federal government is to be reined in.


 Those signing up for the trial subscription at booth 621 will receive a free Constitution/Declaration of Independence pocket guide while supplies last.


 Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Appleton, Wis., The John Birch Society ( is dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the U.S. Constitution. Members come from all walks of life and are active throughout the 50 states on local, state, and national issues. United by a strong belief in personal freedom and limited government, JBS member educational efforts have played a continuous and pivotal role in exposing legislation and policies that threaten the independence of America and the freedom of citizens.



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