Special Report: Deep State in Action



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Special Report: Deep State in Action

The August 20, 2018 Special Report Issue of The New American Now Available


Appleton Wis. – August 7, 2018 – President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government if Congress does not reform our current border security policies, which includes providing money for Trump’s border wall with Mexico. This mentality is in direct contrast to the agenda of the Deep State, which is attempting to create a no borders type of nation and encourage mass migration.


The plans of the Deep State do not stop with immigration and border policies; they are also involved in trade. The so-called “free trade” agreements that are being discussed are the brain child of Deep State operatives attempting to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. All of the plans the Deep State have created are an attempt to rid each nation of their sovereignty and create a world government. This special issue of The New American exposes these plans and the true purpose behind them with articles written by William F. Jasper, Alex Newman, and Mitchell Shaw.


The articles include:

  • No Borders, No Nation – by William F. Jasper
  • Globalists Using Mass Migration to De-Christianize The West – by Alex Newman
  • Globalists Created the Refugee Crisis – by Alex Newman
  • Trump’s Criticism of NATO Doesn’t Go Far Enough – C. Mitchell Shaw
  • “Free Trade” Isn’t Really About Trade – by Charles Scaliger
  • UN “Environmental” Schemes Advance World Government – by Alex Newman
  • Manage the Money, Manage the World – by Charles Scaliger


This is the magazine’s second special report on the Deep State. The first (January 8, 2018) was so widely popular that three printings were sold out. The January 8th issue focused on who was part of the Deep State, and the newest issue focuses on the Deep State’s agenda.


PDF copies of this issue are available free to the media. To set up an interview with an author, please contact Jordan Belanger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (920) 749-3780.


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